Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Nicole is out of surgery. Dr. Morris scoped her tracheostomy up and down and found no blockage so I guess it is the pneumonia. He was pleased with how it went. He had to put her back on sedation again. I wonder how long this time. It is better though, for her. Sedation will help her adjust to the trach again. It will also help her rest better.

When she awakens she will be sad to not be able to talk, again. She will be starting all over when the trach comes out. No ice, no water, NO APPLESAUCE! Sad for her.

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Jan Cole said...

Oh my goodness. My prayers are with you, John, Christian and Nicole! I see the strength that you and John display and are consistently amazed. God's compassion for you at this time must be a constant companion. I love you all and pray for you all too. Much hugs, Jan