Saturday, July 31, 2010

Nicole's Birthday

Nicole's Birthday was yesterday. We didn't get to celebrate her birthday properly so TODAY IS THE DAY!!!

It's your birthday, Shout hooray! I'm gonna sing to you today. One year older and wiser, too. Happy Birthday, to you!!!

I can't believe that we are celebrating her birthday today. Last year I wondered if we would have any more birthday with sweet Nicole. Well, here we are sweet girl. You are 24.

We celebrated today by going to Snowbird and getting a pass to ride the zip line, alpine slide and all the other things there is to do there. We 'panned' for gem stones while there. I think that Nicole like doing this activity the best. Christian helped her 'pan'. It was kind of crazy at this time because a storm was crawling up the canyon. High winds, thunder and lightning. We had to skedaddle before the storm came, unfortunately, so we continued our party at Texas Roadhouse.

Nicole loved being on the saddle and having her picture taken for her birthday. It is kind of embarrassing but she loved it. Afterward we came home and had cake. Actually it wasn't cake, it was Nothing Bundt Cake minis. Each person got their own cake with a candle on it that Nicole blew out.

What fun we had, especially spending the day together.

Happy Birthday, Sweet Nicole!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Natalie and Spencer

Natalie and Spencer we sealed for time and all eternity in the Timpanogus Temple.

We are so proud of them. Natalie is John's cousins daughter. She is one of Christian's best friends. They have been very close over the last few years. She has spent many, many days in our home and being a part of our family. We have grown close to her especially the past 3 years.

Enter Spencer....He is the light of her life. We have been able to know Spencer this past year or so. He has brought much joy into her life.

Today we share their joy as they are sealed. We were privileged to attend the sealing and wedding luncheon. Christian also came to the luncheon but Nicole needed to rest.

Later that night we went to the reception at Aspen Grove. What a beautiful setting.

We love you guys. Many happy years to come.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Time with Dawn

Dawn and I have had many adventures this week.

Monday we went to Hogle Zoo. We love going to the zoo. As far as zoos go Hogle zoo is a pretty good one although together we have been to some great zoos. Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, Greater Vancouver Zoo in Vancouver, British Columbia, Sedgwick County Zoo in Wichita, KS. I am sure there are more I just can't think of them right now.

With the myriad of things that need to happen in our home in the morning with Nicole it is hard to get out the door much before 10. Unfortunately it is already hot at that time. This has been one hot week. We melted every place we went.

Tuesday we ventured to Thanksgiving Point Gardens. They are beautiful. They have many varieties of flowers and plants I have never seen. We spoke to one of the gardeners who helped us with the names of several varieties which I wrote down and hope to have in my garden one day.

Wednesday in the evening all my sisters: Kim, Dawn, Dana, my parents and my self went to dinner at Olive Garden. I don't think we have all been to dinner together in years. It was nice to be together. After we went to my parents home for more visiting. My mom gave me my baby necklace that I wore as a baby and small child. I put it on right them. I love it.

I had so much fun this week with my sissy. We love spending time together. I am grateful for the love she shows me. I am grateful for the example she is to me of loving kindness. She is a person I can turn too. I can tell her anything without feeling judged or being belittled. I love her for who she is and her example to me.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Happy Pioneer Day

This is one day I really look forward to. I love the celebration of the Mormon pioneers coming to the the Salt Lake Valley in 1847. The whole state is involved. Even if you are not of the LDS faith, this celebration represents what made this state what it is.

I have been cleaning like mad this week to be ready for this day. I didn't want anything to interrupt the festivities. We start the day with the parade. This parade is one of the largest in the country. We watched it on TV today but it is so fun to go to the parade.

My sister Dawn flew into town today to spend sometime with me before she leaves to go to Europe on a cruise (fun for her) So I invited my parents, my sister Dana and her husband Gary as well as their kids over for BBQ and home fireworks.

We had a great time. Food was fantastic. Everyone stayed late and just hung out talking. We haven't done that is so long.

When darkness descended we lit fireworks in the street. Many of the neighborhood kids came over and watched too. Nothing better then food, fun and family. (Well, it could have been better if John was here.)

Monday, July 19, 2010


Nicole had a consultation with a doctor to have reconstruction preformed. The doctor seems to think that she can accomplish what needs to be done. Nicole's scar tissue on her torso are tightening and pulling her forward. Her shoulders are hunched and the skin on the upper torso needs to be released so she will be able to stand up straight.

While the doctor was examining Nicole she saw some areas that needed to be addresses. They are areas that we also wanted to be looked at, for example one of Nicole's legs had extensive damage. She had to have part of her gastroc and quads removed as well as tissue. With that being done the back of her leg is concave and the graphs have not healed very well. It keeps breaking open causing open areas.

It looks as though Nicole will be able to have some reconstruction to help her live a more normal life.

We do have one challenge though. We have to convince the insurance company that these surgeries will be beneficial for her continued recovery. Our prayers today are for that. God knows what this is like for her and I knows if this is what is best, it will happen.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Lamb's Day

I love Lamb's Day in Fountain Green, UT. I haven't been since the kids were young but what fun we had.

This year Nicole and I went to the celebration. We packed up yesterday and headed out. We didn't get there until after dark so searching for a camping site was a trick. But, when we woke up we did good. Our camp site was great.

We started the day off by going to the parade. You know the kind. Where everyone know everyone. The floats are from all around the area. They have the parade princesses and all the other princesses from the area ie: the rodeo princesses for 10 towns. Everyone who wants to be in the parade can be. The fire dept, the police dept, the cub scouts, the car dealership. AND everyone throws candy!!. What a treat for all the kiddos. Even Nicole got into the act, the act of getting candy that is.

While at the parade Nicole had a seizure. As it would happen the EMS was going by in the parade. The parade stopped right then and there. Everyone piled out of the EMS truck to help. Well, there wasn't much they could do as we know so they just hung out until she came around just to make sure. Well, that was exciting.

After Nicole rested for quite a while we headed out to the park where all the festivities are located. There are booths with people selling things, there are jumping things and activites for kids. One of the things we thought would be fun is the hay find. It is where they put hay on a giant tarp. Then they put candy and MONEY in the hay for others to find. We always do this activity at our family reunion. They started off with the youngest of kiddos and went all the way up to adults. We cut it off at age 12 for our reunion. Everyone dives in searching frantically for anything they can find.

What a mad house. Nicole wanted to do it when it was time for the adults. I wasn't sure this was the greatest idea but who am I to deny her a little fun.

One, Two, Three, GO!

Women diving, hay flying, arms flailing. The women are worse then kids. What is up with how competitive they are. Nicole finally bows out cuz she is scared she will get hurt. Now that is sad.

We looked through all the booths and bought a princess crown with multi-colored streamers going down the back. Very cute. We also stopped at a booth that was doing face painting. I got a Lamb in commemoration of Lamb's Day. Nicole got Paw prints running up her arm.

To top the day off we got in the humongous line to purchase lamb sandwiches. These are not your ordinary lamb sandwiches. The lambs are cooked in the ground. They are not greasy and gross like some lamb is. They are tender, grease free and DELICIOUS! Nicole absolutely did not even what to try one but they were giving little sample out. She was in heaven. She ate 2 of them.

Can you say HOT and SWEATY? Today has been so hot. We decided to go back to the camp site. Eat dinner and then have a shower before heading back to the park for fireworks.

During our wonderful shower a nasty storm creeped up. The wind was whipping, debris was flying around and our tent was practically laying on the ground. Good thing it was secured by the tent pegs.

We made a snap decision to pack up and go home. We just threw stuff into the truck. The people in the next site over saw we were leaving and trying to get things packed so some of them came over to help while the rest of there tribe secured there camper. Have you ever tried to drop a tent in very windy conditions. I am sure from looking from the outside it would have been hilarious.

Well, no fireworks for us but we had a great time. Fun was had for both of us.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Empty Nesters FHE

I never thought I would be in the category of Empty Nesters FHE. What does that mean you say? This is where adult that have no children living at home get together one time a month and share FHE. (Family Home Evening) We may have a lesson or a speaker. It is a great way to meet and get to know others in our congregation that we may not other wise know.

Tonight was my first experience with this. A couple came to speak about their mission in S. Dakota. What a great experience they had. Hearing them got my juices flowing. I so want to serve a mission with John on day.

I pray each day for that opportunity. I pray for the guidance for what I need to learn, read and experience. I pray for health and continued strength to meet the challenges that lay before us. I pray...

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Do yo know I travel? A LOT!!!

I am part of a travel club. It is kind of like Costco or Sam's club. You buy a membership and by doing so are entitled to go on these amazing trips at wholesale prices. Our travel club beats any trip you can find on the internet as well as our travel site for flights, hotels, cars, villas and package deals beats other travel sites % of the time.

I love to travel with my friends and family too, so I want them to join our travel club. We have over 400 trips planned this year alone. Everything from cruises to tours, Nascar to the Super Bowl. In the USA and abroad.

Today i went to Regional training in Salt Lake City today. What a day. I learned how to further my business of travel bookings and how to help others join me in the travel club.

Just wanted you to know I love to travel.

Friday, July 9, 2010


This past week Nicole and I have been in Kansas. We a fun week we had.

We went to Exploration Place. If you have never been it is rated in the top 5 children museums in the nation. (Parade Magazine) There are so many things to do there. We loved the flight displays. The displays sow all different kinds of flight. Birds, planes, paper airplanes and how air movement affects flight.

We also saw the grossology exhibit. All different things about the body that is 'gross'. Slimy, oozy, crusty, stinky things. Quite interesting. Check it out. We can't wait to go back when the Egypt exhibit is there.

Nicole and I hung out at the North-East YMCA many times. The pool there is great. Nicole can't stay out in the sun for too long but to get out and get some sun as well as be in the cool water is wonderful. This year we purchased Nicole a board shirt (the swim shirts that are long sleeved) and longer boarding shorts that come to her knees. They help to protect her from the sun but I really want to get her a swim suit like the racing swimmer wear. Have you ever seen them? They are one piece, long sleeved and long pant to the ankle. Something like that will help to protect her more. Although they start about $350. Quite an investment.

The time we spend in Wichita always go by so fast. Seeing people we haven't seen in a while, helping with the clinic, visiting things we haven't before or haven't for a while.

We miss Wichita but we love Utah too. We are grateful for people in both areas for the love they show us and kind deeds they do for us and prayers they send our way on a daily bases.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

My sissy and me

I think my sister Dawn and I are really twins born 7 years apart. When we get together it is non-stop fun. Too many times to count we have gone shopping together and pulled out the same thing at the same time for the other person to see.

A couple of years ago I was at her home in Spokane. She had been telling me she had re-decorated her bathroom and kitchen. I told her I had done the same not to long before. I was surprised when I walked in and she had the same things I did in my bathroom I started laughing so hard, tears streaming down my face. It shouldn't have surprised me at all as we have done that same thing before.

We have the same Capri's. They are so cute. When we got together this weekend we wore them together.

One year later

One year ago today Nicole was in a fire. She was burned 60% 3rd degree. She was in ICU 140 days as University of Utah Burn Center.


What a year we have been through. Nicole has made amazing strides. She has healed by leaps and bounds. Even the doctors have been amazed at her progress. We can thank the cold laser therapy and the healing powers from God.

Our family has grown through many difficulties presented to us during this past year. We have grown stronger and closer as a family. We have been so close to the veil we could practically touch it. We have been able to see the light at the end of the tunnel when we didn't think there would be light there.

God has granted us another season with Nicole. God has given us new eyes in which to see life through. Through God's infinite love we have survived.

You never know how strong you are until strong is your only choice.

Ready willing and able
Own it
Never give up

If I ever have to go through anything like this again I know I can make it. I know the lessons I learned during this last year will get me through. I know with God beside me I can do anything.

Thanks you for your prayers and your continued prayers on our families behalf. Thank you for the cards, letters, balloons, meals, cry sessions, counseling, ice cream, love, support, blankets, friendship and service.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

David and Lisa

Last night we were supposed to fly to Spokane to my nephews reception but our flight was canceled with no other flights going out tonight and with the holiday weekend all other flights are booked. I was so upset about not being able to got here and spend this special day with them. I called and told them and in their perfect faith they both prayed that God would some how get us on a flight to Spokane.

This morning John and I went out to the airport with not very high hopes that we could get on a flight. As they were calling all the stand by passengers our hopes of getting on was more and more dismal. The guy finally said no more passenger seats left. My heart sunk. Tears leaked from my eyes, trying to be strong I went to the podium and ask the man if by chance there might be room on another flight. He asked my name....he looked at the screen and said we had made this flight after all. OH MY GOSH! The faith of two kids and my faith not as strong as theirs.

John and I flew on to the plane. We both were so grateful to whom ever didn't get there in time to catch their flight out so we could get this one.

What a fun time we had. We got to see a new niece that we had never seen before. Hayleigh Dior is her name and is she a cutie patutie.

So many family and friends were there to help them celebrate this day.

After we hung out at my sisters home. We built a fire in the backyard and roasted marshmallows with the biggest marshmallows I had ever seen. We talked forever. I love my sissy. Thanks for having us and letting us share this day with you .

Nicole's seizures

Nicole is having seizures again. Today she had 6 at the church while she was there helping with the July 4th breakfast. The Doctor cleared her and she went home. Through out the day she seemed fine.

Christian and Nicole had tickets to go to The Stadium of Fire and felt like she was well enough to go.

The Stadium of Fire was awesome. They enjoyed themselves and thing were going so well. Until the fireworks. Nicole started having seizures again. She had 9 this time. Of course paramedics were called and they took her to the hospital. She had stopped seizing before she arrived and they checked her out and was released.

I hope the meds she is on will continue to work and get these under control soon.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

West Jordan Rodeo

It's rodeo day!

We love going to the rodeo. We have been going to the Pretty Prairie rodeo yearly for about 15 years. Sometimes we go to multiple rodeos. This year we have already been to the Pretty Prairie rodeo, the Lehi rodeo and tonight, the West Jordan Rodeo.

This one is special for us because my nephew facilitates the whole rodeo and the whole family participates. His daughter, age 8, rides patterns and his wife, my niece runs barrels. Of course their son mutton busts too.

We has some much fun watching tonight but it was even more fun that we knew people there.

Our favorites are bull riding and barrels. The excitement and the electricity in the air is palpable. Its riveting to watch all the riders.

The announcer tonight is awesome. Great announcers make a rodeo. They are knowledgeable about the stock and riders. They are funny.

I want to tell my nieces and nephews what a great job they did. Thanks for all the work they have done this season.