Saturday, July 17, 2010

Lamb's Day

I love Lamb's Day in Fountain Green, UT. I haven't been since the kids were young but what fun we had.

This year Nicole and I went to the celebration. We packed up yesterday and headed out. We didn't get there until after dark so searching for a camping site was a trick. But, when we woke up we did good. Our camp site was great.

We started the day off by going to the parade. You know the kind. Where everyone know everyone. The floats are from all around the area. They have the parade princesses and all the other princesses from the area ie: the rodeo princesses for 10 towns. Everyone who wants to be in the parade can be. The fire dept, the police dept, the cub scouts, the car dealership. AND everyone throws candy!!. What a treat for all the kiddos. Even Nicole got into the act, the act of getting candy that is.

While at the parade Nicole had a seizure. As it would happen the EMS was going by in the parade. The parade stopped right then and there. Everyone piled out of the EMS truck to help. Well, there wasn't much they could do as we know so they just hung out until she came around just to make sure. Well, that was exciting.

After Nicole rested for quite a while we headed out to the park where all the festivities are located. There are booths with people selling things, there are jumping things and activites for kids. One of the things we thought would be fun is the hay find. It is where they put hay on a giant tarp. Then they put candy and MONEY in the hay for others to find. We always do this activity at our family reunion. They started off with the youngest of kiddos and went all the way up to adults. We cut it off at age 12 for our reunion. Everyone dives in searching frantically for anything they can find.

What a mad house. Nicole wanted to do it when it was time for the adults. I wasn't sure this was the greatest idea but who am I to deny her a little fun.

One, Two, Three, GO!

Women diving, hay flying, arms flailing. The women are worse then kids. What is up with how competitive they are. Nicole finally bows out cuz she is scared she will get hurt. Now that is sad.

We looked through all the booths and bought a princess crown with multi-colored streamers going down the back. Very cute. We also stopped at a booth that was doing face painting. I got a Lamb in commemoration of Lamb's Day. Nicole got Paw prints running up her arm.

To top the day off we got in the humongous line to purchase lamb sandwiches. These are not your ordinary lamb sandwiches. The lambs are cooked in the ground. They are not greasy and gross like some lamb is. They are tender, grease free and DELICIOUS! Nicole absolutely did not even what to try one but they were giving little sample out. She was in heaven. She ate 2 of them.

Can you say HOT and SWEATY? Today has been so hot. We decided to go back to the camp site. Eat dinner and then have a shower before heading back to the park for fireworks.

During our wonderful shower a nasty storm creeped up. The wind was whipping, debris was flying around and our tent was practically laying on the ground. Good thing it was secured by the tent pegs.

We made a snap decision to pack up and go home. We just threw stuff into the truck. The people in the next site over saw we were leaving and trying to get things packed so some of them came over to help while the rest of there tribe secured there camper. Have you ever tried to drop a tent in very windy conditions. I am sure from looking from the outside it would have been hilarious.

Well, no fireworks for us but we had a great time. Fun was had for both of us.

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