Saturday, October 30, 2010

Emergancy trip back to the hospital

Nicole and I are in California so I can go to a conference with John. She and I drove here yesterday. What a trooper she has been. Surgery a few days ago and now here. This conference was schedule months ago and this surgery was the only time this Dr. could do it while she was still on rotation. So we rolled with it.

Last night the winds in So. Cal. were very strong. A lot of junk in the air. Sitting outside on the patio enjoying the weather something got into Nicole's eye. We cleaned it out as best we could and she went to bed but when we woke up this morning her eye was swollen practically shut and had junk coming out of it. John and I got a flashlight and looked in as best as we could. It didn't look good. As a matter of fact it look as though it was cut and open about 3 mm.

Down to the ER in San Clemente we drove. I have to say, the people working there were so nice, so on top of things and so fast. We have been in many hospitals over the years and I would say they are top rated. The Dr. came in very quickly, was thorough and quick., Her bedside was by far one of the best we have come across.

Yes, Nicole did have quite a large cut in her eye and still had debris in it. It was also infected. I felt so bad. They got right to work and got her hooked up fast. Washed it out, medicated it, bandaged us up and we were out of there. WOW! Refreshing. in and out in practically no time at all and notch.

Nicole is already on the mend.

Monday, October 25, 2010


Today we are seeing the light at the end of a VERY long tunnel. At 12:45pm Nicole was wheeled into surgery. The light is if all goes well this may very well be the second to last surgery. It is a 2 part surgery. Today they are taking out scar tissue and other tissue and putting in this special material (Integra)that will act in place of dermas. After the body has grown blood vessels into the Integra to surgery she will go again. This time to graphed over it.

Dr. Cochran was just here. Nicole is out of surgery now. She came out of surgery combative and ripped one surgery sight causing bleeding but that was quickly remedied. Surgery was performed on 4 sights today. Neck, both axillary and behind right knee. Each area did well. The knee was a redo. The back of her knee was an open area most of the time. This time they opened it up and found that the graph was adhered to the tendon and there fore was tight and kept the area back there from healing. Quite a large piece of Integra was put there and in turn should keep that area from re adhering again so her knee should heal fine.

I am relieved this one is over. 4 areas in a lot and a long time in surgery. Nicole has been blessed with great doctors and steady hands. We too are blessed with continued prayers on her behalf. We have many causes for us to stop and thank God for all He has done for Nicole and our family.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Nicole and I went to Dallas for 3 days to see our dear friend, Dr. Kimberly Jones. She is amazing.

I took Nicole there to have a few visits with her. She works with people who have food and environment sensitivities. Nicole, since getting out of the hospital last year has had trouble when
she eats gluten and dairy as well as she is having severe bone loss and cannot absorb vitamin D.

During the initial testing it was confirmed that Nicole indeed has a sensitivity to gluten and casein. She is also is sensitive to Calcium which may be why she is not absorbing vitamin D. A few other things showed up also which we will treat for over the next few days. Now for the the treatments to begin. They will take several hours between each treatment of each item. AND no eating of the item or anything related to it for 25 hrs after each treatment. That really doesn't leave much to eat for the next 3 days.

3 days later.....Nicole already feels a difference. She feels not as sick to her stomach when she eats. This is a winner. Now we are off to (sshh) Sam Moon. (It's a secret)

Yes, Sam Moon is my favorite place to shop in Dallas. Yes, many dollars are dropped in this store. This is why it is a secret. We don't want John to know I am shopping here again. I do have an agenda this time and I do have a budget I supposed that will make John happy. Do you want to know what is on my agenda? Only 5 bracelets to go with necklaces I already have, a pair of earrings to make up for the ones I broke the other day and a Pashmina.

My shopping trip was a hit. I did get a new Pashmina as well as 3 pairs of earrings, none of which was like the ones I broke and 4 bracelets. Total cost....35 dollars. Yeah for me. Yeah for John.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Leg surgery

A while back Nicole's doctors had been talking about what they were going to do to fix her leg. One of the problems she has is the back of one leg was so severely destroyed with the burn that they had to take quite a bit of muscle and tissue out. Since then she has had many open areas that don't close because of the tightness.

Dr. Agarwal had suggested putting in these small bladders and then filling them up with fluid a little at a time to stretch the skin. After about 6 weeks the skin then would be large enough to stretch around the area in question and then hopefully given the more skin there, the area would then heal. In the mean time one of the burn docs wondered if maybe it was a tendon that was too tight causing the problem. We decided to go with the least invasive surgery and see what happens. We can do the other surgery if this one doesn't work.

So, today is the day. Dr. Cochran will open the area in question, take out some tissue and do a new graph which will come off her hip. While she is doing that she will also have her neck, in the front, where there is a very tight band and do a skin graph there also and hopefully release that area so Nicole can move her head forward and backward better. There are also a few tight bands in the axilla area that will also get skin graphs.

Good news! This was the surgery choice we should have taken. When Dr. Cochran opened up the back of Nicole's leg she found that the old graph had adhered to the other tissue making it so each time she moved her leg to walk or bend it to sit down it would rip the outside skin. Thus causing the area to keep opening and causing ulcerations and open lesions.

We are so glad this option was available before we did the other surgery to put in the bladders. That surgery would have taken 3-6 months before it was finished.

Nicole has wound vacuums on each area. Each area is hooked up to a machine that sucks the air out and puts continual pressure on the area. It promotes better wound healing. I hope these work as well as they say they do. Nicole will be staying in the hospital for about a week. She will then go home with the wound vacs that she will need to keep on for several weeks.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Oh my! I flew to Denver this weekend to meet my Lover who was attending a conference. I was like a little kid as a started preparing earlier in the week for this amazing weekend. Even though I knew he was going to be at the conference most of the time this was also a retreat for me. Sleeping in, Breakfast in bed, Hot Tubbing. AAANNNDDD Spending the evenings with my Lover.

Earlier in the week our friend of many years, Paul Roberts, passed away. Not suddenly, he has been battling cancer for months. John was asked to speak at his funeral which was Friday night. He felt honored to be asked so speak to honor his friend.

I am flying into Denver Friday morning in order to go to the Temple and relax for the afternoon preparing for my Lover to arrive. because the funeral is a night funeral, John doesn't leave Wichita until 10pm arriving at 4am. I am there waiting for him dosing on and off while reading and watching TV. Oh, it is so great to be in the arms of the one I love.

No breakfast in bed this morning. Up too late :( . John has to rush off to his conference and I am going to go with him for a while this morning in order to get a few goodies on the breakfast bar they provide.

I am off the shop at Park Meadows Mall, one of my favorite places to shop. I just love the variety of shops there. I also went back to the Temple. Even though I live near several I never pass up the chance to attend the Temple wherever we travel. I also had a chance to jsut sit outside hte Temple and contemplate the many blessings in my life. One of which is just a few miles away waiting for me. That brings a smile to my face.

I brought back takeout to the hotel so we could just have a quiet night in together. I can't tell you how many times I have eaten P.F. Changes in a hotel room. I love it AND it is still great when it is not hot off the grill and still good as leftovers.

Waiting....Waiting....Waiting.... Good thing I am a great waiter.

Do I hear a knocking on the door? Yes!! My Lover has arrived! Butterflies still invade my belly when I know I am going to see him. I open the door and my heart leaps. It is him. My day is complete.

How I am grateful for this man of mine. The one God choose for me. The one who makes my everyday. The one who without him I would only be half of me. Together WE2ARE1.

It doesn't get better then this.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Idaho, Again

Here we are in Idaho one more time to not only make sure my uncle is getting the right care but also to bring many of his belongings back to him. Last year we came here to get his most treasured belongings. He had been in a nursing care facility for many months and his home had been unoccupied. We didn't want vandals to come in and take things (that already happened with the in home care company that was coming). Now we are bringing back the things he needs most.

First we unload everything and do some cleaning to make sure all is well at the home. Lunch arrives (Meals on Wheels) while we are there so we can keep working. Just one more thing we don't have to do. Then it is off the state agencies to check on their progress. I hope we will find good things in the works.

As with anything in government it is a slow process. Yes, somethings are in place but others were kind of forgotten. I am glad we are here today to remind them what he needs and what they are supposed to provide. I guess we will be back again for another inspection.

This has been a good learning experience for my mom and Nicole. The many, many things that needs to be done and said to get through all the hoops the government makes everyone jump through. Maybe I should write a book on the ins and outs of RED TAPE.

I am grateful for the chance to help my uncle. He may not be grateful to us but I know in the long run it will not only help him but give my mom peace of mind that she is 4 hrs away and can not just run there if something happens. There are now measures put in place to help him and make sure he has food, a clean environment and health care.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Corn Bellys


If you have not been to Corn Belly's and you live in the SLCo or UTCo Area you really need to venture there.

This festivity is at Thanksgiving Point. There are 3 corn mazes. Nicole and I did 2 of them. They have maps and are timed. You will find clues along the way and if you have a SmartPhone you will get clues sent to your phone by your GPS. It is really fun. There really isn't any way to get lost because you can always cut through the corn hedges, but what fun would that be?

After the corn mazes we headed over to the shooting gallery. Actually, we were able to shoot gourds of all shapes and sizes. The targets? A beat-up old truck, flower pots, tires, old milk cans and moving targets. The gourds fit right into real bazookas. It was so much fun.

We took a hay ride and walked inside of a dragon, from its mouth to its tail. It even made growling noises when we got to the stomach area.

We took a break because it was kind of getting cold and headed over to one of the huge bonfires that were roaring in the area. As we approached the smell of burning wood and hearing the crackling of the hot embers was so inviting . I just wanted to stay there the rest of the night. We drank Hot Cocoa and made S'mores with the marshmallows, crackers and chocolate we were able to purchase from the country store near by. 5 dollars for a bag that made 6 S'mores and you got 2 sticks to roast the marshmallows, too. I am in HEAVEN. I love roasting marshmallows and I love hot cocoa. 2 of my most favorite things in the whole world.

To round the evening out Nicole and I had our pictures taken in a huge rocking chair that made us look tiny. Oh yeah, we had to make a stop at the pumpkin patch, too. Nothing like choosing a pumpkin right where it is grown. What a fun day out.

Dale and Teri

Our dear friends, the Orr's paid us a visit this weekend. Oh how great it was to see them. We have been friends since 1999.

Our friendship began on a temple trip from Wichita, KS to Dallas, Texas. I really didn't want to drive with people I didn't know but I am so glad I did. Teri and I forged an amazing friendship.

It is the kind of friendship that even if you don't talk to the other person for weeks you just pick up right where you left off. Our children are friends also.

We have been through many thing over the years with them. Thick and thin, Good and bad, Fun times and not so fun but always love and support from all parties on all sides.

Each one of them means something special to us. Their smiles, laughter, hugs and love makes our days even when we live many miles apart. Our sweet friends live in AZ now. All the more reason to visit them in the Valley of the Sun.

We love you guys.