Monday, October 11, 2010

Corn Bellys


If you have not been to Corn Belly's and you live in the SLCo or UTCo Area you really need to venture there.

This festivity is at Thanksgiving Point. There are 3 corn mazes. Nicole and I did 2 of them. They have maps and are timed. You will find clues along the way and if you have a SmartPhone you will get clues sent to your phone by your GPS. It is really fun. There really isn't any way to get lost because you can always cut through the corn hedges, but what fun would that be?

After the corn mazes we headed over to the shooting gallery. Actually, we were able to shoot gourds of all shapes and sizes. The targets? A beat-up old truck, flower pots, tires, old milk cans and moving targets. The gourds fit right into real bazookas. It was so much fun.

We took a hay ride and walked inside of a dragon, from its mouth to its tail. It even made growling noises when we got to the stomach area.

We took a break because it was kind of getting cold and headed over to one of the huge bonfires that were roaring in the area. As we approached the smell of burning wood and hearing the crackling of the hot embers was so inviting . I just wanted to stay there the rest of the night. We drank Hot Cocoa and made S'mores with the marshmallows, crackers and chocolate we were able to purchase from the country store near by. 5 dollars for a bag that made 6 S'mores and you got 2 sticks to roast the marshmallows, too. I am in HEAVEN. I love roasting marshmallows and I love hot cocoa. 2 of my most favorite things in the whole world.

To round the evening out Nicole and I had our pictures taken in a huge rocking chair that made us look tiny. Oh yeah, we had to make a stop at the pumpkin patch, too. Nothing like choosing a pumpkin right where it is grown. What a fun day out.

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