Monday, March 29, 2010

Day 267


I can't believe I have not posted in 3 weeks. So much has been going on and so little time to catch my breath and have a minute to post.

For the most part Nicole and Christian are doing well. Christian has not had any episodes of passing out in 2 weeks. That is good although we still don't know what caused it to happen. The plan still is to go to Mayo we just don't know when.

Nicole, too, is doing well. She has had a few ups and downs but I can honestly say she is the best she has been for quite a while. Her PT is going well and each day she is improving. Her range of motion is increasing which in turn gives her more and more mobility. Which in turn give me more freedom.

Nicole has taken crocheting up again. Her hands are busily working on scarves and headbands. She is blessed to be able to use her hands as well as she is. I was worried for months that she may never be able to crochet again which would have made her sad as she loves to crochet and keep her hands busy.

Over the next few days I will catch up what we have been doing and how things are going. I have many pictures to post to go along with things.

Tune in.....

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Day 247

Hello beautiful day, I have missed you.

Today as I have been looking back on different blog post and reflecting I can't help but know how blessed we are. Not just that Nicole is home and doing well and Christian is stable for now, but truly blessed for many other reasons.

1. Nicole and Christian doing well
2. A roof over our heads
3. Clean water and healthy food
4. A close relationship with each other
5. The gospel of Jesus Christ
6. Love and support from family and friends
7. Doctors who give their all
8. People who intertwine their lives with ours for the better
9. Our right to choose
10. Living in a country that is free.

Since Nicole has been home from the hospital I find it harder to post what is going on especially in detail like it was when she was in the hospital. When I was spending each day there I found it so easy to write about many things especially her progress. Maybe it was all the long hours there or the quiet where I could find the feeling. Maybe it was all the searching I was doing.

Whatever it was is taken now by the day to day living. Whether it is Nicole's needs Christian's needs or home needs or clinic needs. All of these needs need to be met BEFORE my need to write.


Nicole does not have kidney stones. What a gold star moment that felt like. I was so happy with those results. The symptoms from that has subsided somewhat so Maybe it was just from having her gallbladder out.

Nicole has been quite the funny one. She has really come into her personality. Some of the things she comes up with. I know this sounds like I am talking about maybe a toddler just learning to talk but it kind of feels that way too. Some parts of her personality has changed (for the better) and it is fun to see those changes emerge.

Nicole has expressed learning how to cook more delicate things and more complicated things. She and I have now had 2 cooking lessons. (her from the other side of the bar as not to get to close to the flame) Chicken Marsala was the first one. It turned out delicious. She was proud of herself.

The next was sugar cookies. She makes basic cookies well but sugar cookies she had never tried. Maybe they are not so hard for some but they have never been my strong suit. They too, turned out well. We rolled them out and cut them into Easter egg shapes. Nicole frosted them like decorated eggs with colors and sprinkles. So cute and yummy, too.

Christian has not had any blackouts for about 10 days. I hope it holds. The 2 tests he had done came back negative so we are kind of at the beginning again. I am going to check into Mayo and Cleveland Clinics to see which one He should go to. We pray for answers everyday, to be lead to the doctor(s)that will be able to figure it out, to put a stop to all of this.

Christian's Magnum is almost finished. He will be showing it at Spring Fest in Irvine California next week. He is pretty excited about that. The show is just for Magnums, Chargers and 300m's. Hopefully he will get a magazine shoot or maybe even a buyer. (I would like that) If not he will show next at Mopar on the Strip week after next. He received an invitation to show there. Huge show that one is. I think something like 30 magazines will be there looking for show pieces. Maybe he will be able to get a sponsor even. He loves his car.

Right now the bumpers are in getting reshaped and repainted. They are going to look awesome. After the Spring Fest show I am going to post just for that with pics of the finished product.

Christian, Nicole and I are going to Wichita the end of this week. Christian is just staying a few days but Nicole and I will stay for a week and come back with John when he comes to Utah. Christian is looking forward to this trip to see some of his friends but will have to get back in order to get to Spring Fest. I wish I was going with him. I, not only would love to see the show but I would love to see our family while there. (and the ocean and the OC swap meet) Oh well, Another time.