Monday, March 29, 2010

Day 267


I can't believe I have not posted in 3 weeks. So much has been going on and so little time to catch my breath and have a minute to post.

For the most part Nicole and Christian are doing well. Christian has not had any episodes of passing out in 2 weeks. That is good although we still don't know what caused it to happen. The plan still is to go to Mayo we just don't know when.

Nicole, too, is doing well. She has had a few ups and downs but I can honestly say she is the best she has been for quite a while. Her PT is going well and each day she is improving. Her range of motion is increasing which in turn gives her more and more mobility. Which in turn give me more freedom.

Nicole has taken crocheting up again. Her hands are busily working on scarves and headbands. She is blessed to be able to use her hands as well as she is. I was worried for months that she may never be able to crochet again which would have made her sad as she loves to crochet and keep her hands busy.

Over the next few days I will catch up what we have been doing and how things are going. I have many pictures to post to go along with things.

Tune in.....

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Nikki said...

FINALLY!!!! I have been stalking your blog for weeks!!

I would love to try to see you and your family and show off all my little ones while we are in Utah this weekend! Let me know if you are busy on Saturday??