Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Reconstruction for Nicole

Nicole had reconstructive surgery today on her torso. The doctor took out a lot of tissue and repositioned things so her torso is more symmetrical. She also did a graph too.

Nicole will be in the hospital for a few days and then she should have a short recovery.

We are grateful for the knowledge these great surgeons have. They have really brought it when they have worked on Nicole.

We will be looking forward to being recovered form this and on to the next upcoming surgeries. As it sits today there will be 6 more but that can always change. The next one will be inserting bladders into Nicole's leg and filling it with fluid to expand the skin. When it has expanded for 6-8 weeks they will take them out and pull the skin around to cover the back of her leg. If there is not enough skin, when she is healed form that they will have to do the whole process over. Hopefully that will help the back of her leg heal better.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Aunt Kelli

I love Aunt Kelli. She is my husband's aunt but I am glad I can call her MY AUNT too.

She is here for a visit for a couple of weeks and love to spend time with her. We were lucky enough to have a sleep over with her. We all had fun spending time with her.

John's sisters, mom and nieces all went to Thaifoon for lunch one day. The company was better then the food but that is the way it should be.

We also had a barbecue at our home with all the family. I just love to get together with John's family. They are so much fun. They are all very good cooks so when there is food involved no one goes hungry.

The camera's are always snapping to catch a smile or a child doing something cute. We also have to have pictures with everyone together. All the nieces, all the sisters, all the sibs and so on.

Some things I love about Aunt Kelli.....

1. She is a great cook.
2. She always makes each person feel like they are the only ones in the room.
3. She doesn't judge.
4. She loves the gospel. I mean really loves it.
5. When I visit her she doesn't put time constraints on us.
6. She loves eating at my favorite place on the pier. Actually she was the one who introduced it to me.
7. She is the mother of my favorite cousin.
8. She is a great example to me.

Thank you for all the memories, all the love, all advice.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Lover

It's your birthday, Shout hooray!
I'm gonna sing to you today,
One year older and wiser, too
Happy Birthday, To You!!!

You, my lover, it's the celebration of you coming into the world. I am so glad you did. What would my life be like without you. You brighten each and every one of my days. You keep a smile on my face. When the chips are down, you are the first to help me see the chips are not as far down as I see them.

We have made many memories over the years. Some I would like to forget. A few that come directly to my mind are:

1. The day of our meeting, cold and snowy. I was so impressed you pulled the car up to the door for your mother so she didn't have to get snowy. What a gentleman. I felt the minute I saw you I knew you we would meet and be together forever. We must have been in love in Heaven.

2. The birth of our children. Each one so different. You the constant. You were never flustered. Loving them right out of the womb. Christian you took straight to your chest, muck and all. Bonding right away. Running to ICU with Nicole as they were rushing her away not knowing what was going on but making sure she wasn't alone.

3. The summer we spent in Jackson Hole with you as a river guide. Now that was a great summer. We became expert campers that year. We always loved to camp and hike but that year we fell in love with it. So then the next year we went on a 3 week camping trip to WY, ID, WA and Canada. What a trip we had.

4. Starting out our move to Texas with prayer as we each piled into our vehicles with our traveling buddy with us. You with miss Nicole and me with master Christian. Snacks to match our tastes, of course you and Nicole had to have sardines. Christian and I were so happy to NOT be in your vehicle.

That being just the first 6 years of marriage. So many, many more things to love about you.

I appreciate the kind and caring way you love me. You show me in so many ways. I love how you catch my eye from across the room and how I know you love me by our secret facial expression.

How many times you sat up with the kids when they were ill. As much as I cared for them in the day you were the one to get up with them in the night. Not only did that act of kindness show me how much you cared for our children it showed them how much you care for all of us.

I am grateful, Johnny, that you love God and Jesus Christ. I am grateful you hold the priesthood of God and you exercise it regularly. I am grateful I can come to you for a blessing of comfort, healing and health or any other reason I may need. I am grateful to know we have been sealed together for time and all eternity. One day, our family, forward and backwards, will be together forever.

You are a hero to me.

I love you.

Las Vegas

After lunch with my mom a few days ago I threw my suitcase in the car and drove to Las Vegas to meet up with John. We went to a conference but found some time to play too. We met up with people we had not seen for a while (they were also attending the conference). What a great weekend we had. I always learn something when attending things like this. I wish I had my notes with me at this very moment. I wrote down many thought provoking words. I will have to go back and read them.

Some of my favorite parts of my weekend.....sunning myself by the pool at Cesaer's Palace. Getting an all you can eat pass for a 24 hr think that would be breakfast lunch and dinner. Nope. We got it at like 9am so we were able to eat breakfast lunch dinner and breakfast again. It was good at 9 hotels. If I was a big eater we could have just hotel hopped all day long and eat at all of them.

These little getaways have been so good for me and John. It is fantastic even to be with him for a few days. My most favorite part of being with John is waking up in the morning and he is right there. It makes for a wonderful day. Nothing says more to me about how much he loves me then when I wake up and he has his arms wrapped around me.

After I took John to the airport I started back to Salt Lake City. Time to just unwind, reflect on the weekend and my time with John and plan my next getaway.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mom's birthday

Happy Birthday MOM

Today is my mom's birthday. What a day to celebrate. She is 79 years old. Now years ago I would have thought that was old but today it is not how I think. She is vibrant, capable, caring for herself and my dad. Many people her age are either in a home or dead or wish they were dead.

I took her today to lunch. She has never had Thai food so today was the day. We went to Saw-wa-dee. Have you ever been there? If there is better Thai food in this valley I would like to know about it. My sister Kim went also as she was in town. What a fun time we had especially since SLC was having a "THAI-foon". (get it) It was raining heavily.

After our delish lunch we ventured over to Hatch family chocolates for dessert. Of course I had a pot o creme and a pretzel dipped in caramel and chocolate. I was in heaven.

I love you mom.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The kiddos

John, Nicole and I went to Kansas City today for a conference. Well we didn't go to the conference, it was for John. But, Nicole and I were able to stay with Ladd and Sarah. Oh how we love to stay with them and hang out. It is one of my most favorite things to do.

Nicole and I offered to hang out with the kiddos while Ladd and Sarah went out to dinner. We had ulterior motives. We brought firewood, skewers, stuff to make s'mores and a movie. We love these kiddos so much.

Well, bad news....It started to rain. We tried to start the fire in the rain but no bueno. Angi had a brilliant idea. We will roast our marshmallows at the stove. Jack-pot!

The kiddos had not ever made s'mores before. Not only was this a treat but an experience. 3 little ones sitting on the porch eating their own doesn't get better then that.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Christian - My Son

25 years ago today you burst onto the scene. Actually burst may be a strong word. You never cried when you were born. You just looked around at the world and took it all in. Beautiful was the word that was used most often. You made us parents!

I can't believe how wonderful it is to be your mom. You, my son, are the light of my life. There are many memories that are swirling around in head today and all of them make up our life.

Remember when we moved to Texas and you and I drove our vehicle all the way together while your dad and Nicole drove in the moving van. "You just wanted that time with me", you said. What fun we had singing, playing card games and eating things 'we liked'.

Remember when we stayed up until 3am watching old movies. I think that was when you started liking musicals.

Remember when decided we were going on a 2 week camping trip to Canada. We started out by teaching you to fish in Washington. You were so sad when we cleaned it and cooked it and gave it to you for lunch. I think it traumatized you forever. (is that why you won't eat fish)?

Remember when you rode your bike to Wiles gas station with you sister to buy camels. You were only 3. Crossing busy Highland Drive by yourselves no less.

Remember when you got out of the car at school and didn't kiss me goodbye. I called you back and you told me, 'I will kiss you all the days of my life.' I loved that day.

Remember when I ran you over with the car....Oh yeah, I am sure you won't forget that day. You were so brave and I was the one falling apart and you told me it was OK. And then for Christmas you wrote me a letter telling me how much you loved me and you didn't blame me for running you over.

My favorite Mothers Day card was the one you made me in 4th grade. It had pressed flowers and leaves on the front yo had put there and then wrote a poem on the inside. LOVE IT.

You have been a constant in my life. You have been there for me when I have needed you. You have been an example to me and others in your life. You have shown others what it means to be a good person at heart not just at the moment. What an example you are.

Your life has not been an easy one many times. Mostly because of challenges you have borne with our family but borne them you have and are a better person for it.

So many times I have sat back at just watched you. I watch you quietly doing for others. I watch you studying for school learning many new things and applying them in your life. I watch you mastering your chef skills and wowing others you cook for.
I watch in amazement all you accomplish. I watch....I wonder....

I wonder how I got to be so lucky to be your mom and you my son.

I love you Christian. You are wonderful.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Nashville Tribute Concert

I just love these guys! Did you know I love them? I have seen them perform a few times before, but I have always had to travel to see them like OKC for example but this time they were playing right in my back yard. Not MY back yard really but still only like 5 minutes away. Let me tell you about them.

While on a Mormon mission, Jason Deere, wrote the song: Lamb to the Slaughter. That was the beginning. After graduating from BYU her moved to Nashville, TN where he has made a name for himself writing amazing country songs. In 2003 he started writing more and more songs around the restoration and with the help of Dan Truman had enough material for an album. Joseph: A Nashville Tribute.

What an amazing piece of work. If you have never listened to it get it. Since that one they have also written another called Trek. Trek is good but Joseph is GREAT!

Anyway...getting back to the concert. Due West was there with them as well as a few others including the lovely Katherine Nelson.

The music is always beautiful, carries a message, makes you feel good type of music.

John, Nicole and I attended. What a great way to spend time together for an evening.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Married to the love of my life

I married my lover today 26 years ago. What a glorious day it was. There is nothing like being in love with your one and only. My gift from God.

John, you are my dream. You make my life worth living. You make everyday a holiday just by waking up next to you.

I am grateful we were lead to each other. I am grateful for that fateful day we met. From that day forward my life has gotten better and better. No one makes me feel like you do, no one could. No other person makes me feel so alive.

You treat me like a queen. You feel my heart with joy. You fill my bucket. When I feel like I am hanging at the bottom of my rope, you tie another length onto it with a giant knot so I can hang on again.

You amaze me everyday.

Thank you for the great example you are to our children. Thank you for respecting me. Thank you for knowing what I need before I even know it myself. Thanks you for being you and for loving me.

Thank you Heavenly Father for knowing ALL my needs and leading John and I to the same space in time.