Sunday, August 8, 2010

Christian - My Son

25 years ago today you burst onto the scene. Actually burst may be a strong word. You never cried when you were born. You just looked around at the world and took it all in. Beautiful was the word that was used most often. You made us parents!

I can't believe how wonderful it is to be your mom. You, my son, are the light of my life. There are many memories that are swirling around in head today and all of them make up our life.

Remember when we moved to Texas and you and I drove our vehicle all the way together while your dad and Nicole drove in the moving van. "You just wanted that time with me", you said. What fun we had singing, playing card games and eating things 'we liked'.

Remember when we stayed up until 3am watching old movies. I think that was when you started liking musicals.

Remember when decided we were going on a 2 week camping trip to Canada. We started out by teaching you to fish in Washington. You were so sad when we cleaned it and cooked it and gave it to you for lunch. I think it traumatized you forever. (is that why you won't eat fish)?

Remember when you rode your bike to Wiles gas station with you sister to buy camels. You were only 3. Crossing busy Highland Drive by yourselves no less.

Remember when you got out of the car at school and didn't kiss me goodbye. I called you back and you told me, 'I will kiss you all the days of my life.' I loved that day.

Remember when I ran you over with the car....Oh yeah, I am sure you won't forget that day. You were so brave and I was the one falling apart and you told me it was OK. And then for Christmas you wrote me a letter telling me how much you loved me and you didn't blame me for running you over.

My favorite Mothers Day card was the one you made me in 4th grade. It had pressed flowers and leaves on the front yo had put there and then wrote a poem on the inside. LOVE IT.

You have been a constant in my life. You have been there for me when I have needed you. You have been an example to me and others in your life. You have shown others what it means to be a good person at heart not just at the moment. What an example you are.

Your life has not been an easy one many times. Mostly because of challenges you have borne with our family but borne them you have and are a better person for it.

So many times I have sat back at just watched you. I watch you quietly doing for others. I watch you studying for school learning many new things and applying them in your life. I watch you mastering your chef skills and wowing others you cook for.
I watch in amazement all you accomplish. I watch....I wonder....

I wonder how I got to be so lucky to be your mom and you my son.

I love you Christian. You are wonderful.


Nikki said...

Christian is wonderful and you are lucky to be his mom just like I am lucky to be his friend! He wouldn't be so great if weren't such a terrific mother! Love you Angi!

Angi said...

WOW Nikki, you do stalk me. That post has only been on a few minutes. Thank you for you comments always. He is a great guy and he is lucky to have you as a friend also. Love you back.