Monday, August 2, 2010

Married to the love of my life

I married my lover today 26 years ago. What a glorious day it was. There is nothing like being in love with your one and only. My gift from God.

John, you are my dream. You make my life worth living. You make everyday a holiday just by waking up next to you.

I am grateful we were lead to each other. I am grateful for that fateful day we met. From that day forward my life has gotten better and better. No one makes me feel like you do, no one could. No other person makes me feel so alive.

You treat me like a queen. You feel my heart with joy. You fill my bucket. When I feel like I am hanging at the bottom of my rope, you tie another length onto it with a giant knot so I can hang on again.

You amaze me everyday.

Thank you for the great example you are to our children. Thank you for respecting me. Thank you for knowing what I need before I even know it myself. Thanks you for being you and for loving me.

Thank you Heavenly Father for knowing ALL my needs and leading John and I to the same space in time.

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