Sunday, August 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Lover

It's your birthday, Shout hooray!
I'm gonna sing to you today,
One year older and wiser, too
Happy Birthday, To You!!!

You, my lover, it's the celebration of you coming into the world. I am so glad you did. What would my life be like without you. You brighten each and every one of my days. You keep a smile on my face. When the chips are down, you are the first to help me see the chips are not as far down as I see them.

We have made many memories over the years. Some I would like to forget. A few that come directly to my mind are:

1. The day of our meeting, cold and snowy. I was so impressed you pulled the car up to the door for your mother so she didn't have to get snowy. What a gentleman. I felt the minute I saw you I knew you we would meet and be together forever. We must have been in love in Heaven.

2. The birth of our children. Each one so different. You the constant. You were never flustered. Loving them right out of the womb. Christian you took straight to your chest, muck and all. Bonding right away. Running to ICU with Nicole as they were rushing her away not knowing what was going on but making sure she wasn't alone.

3. The summer we spent in Jackson Hole with you as a river guide. Now that was a great summer. We became expert campers that year. We always loved to camp and hike but that year we fell in love with it. So then the next year we went on a 3 week camping trip to WY, ID, WA and Canada. What a trip we had.

4. Starting out our move to Texas with prayer as we each piled into our vehicles with our traveling buddy with us. You with miss Nicole and me with master Christian. Snacks to match our tastes, of course you and Nicole had to have sardines. Christian and I were so happy to NOT be in your vehicle.

That being just the first 6 years of marriage. So many, many more things to love about you.

I appreciate the kind and caring way you love me. You show me in so many ways. I love how you catch my eye from across the room and how I know you love me by our secret facial expression.

How many times you sat up with the kids when they were ill. As much as I cared for them in the day you were the one to get up with them in the night. Not only did that act of kindness show me how much you cared for our children it showed them how much you care for all of us.

I am grateful, Johnny, that you love God and Jesus Christ. I am grateful you hold the priesthood of God and you exercise it regularly. I am grateful I can come to you for a blessing of comfort, healing and health or any other reason I may need. I am grateful to know we have been sealed together for time and all eternity. One day, our family, forward and backwards, will be together forever.

You are a hero to me.

I love you.

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