Sunday, August 22, 2010

Las Vegas

After lunch with my mom a few days ago I threw my suitcase in the car and drove to Las Vegas to meet up with John. We went to a conference but found some time to play too. We met up with people we had not seen for a while (they were also attending the conference). What a great weekend we had. I always learn something when attending things like this. I wish I had my notes with me at this very moment. I wrote down many thought provoking words. I will have to go back and read them.

Some of my favorite parts of my weekend.....sunning myself by the pool at Cesaer's Palace. Getting an all you can eat pass for a 24 hr think that would be breakfast lunch and dinner. Nope. We got it at like 9am so we were able to eat breakfast lunch dinner and breakfast again. It was good at 9 hotels. If I was a big eater we could have just hotel hopped all day long and eat at all of them.

These little getaways have been so good for me and John. It is fantastic even to be with him for a few days. My most favorite part of being with John is waking up in the morning and he is right there. It makes for a wonderful day. Nothing says more to me about how much he loves me then when I wake up and he has his arms wrapped around me.

After I took John to the airport I started back to Salt Lake City. Time to just unwind, reflect on the weekend and my time with John and plan my next getaway.

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