Thursday, August 5, 2010

Nashville Tribute Concert

I just love these guys! Did you know I love them? I have seen them perform a few times before, but I have always had to travel to see them like OKC for example but this time they were playing right in my back yard. Not MY back yard really but still only like 5 minutes away. Let me tell you about them.

While on a Mormon mission, Jason Deere, wrote the song: Lamb to the Slaughter. That was the beginning. After graduating from BYU her moved to Nashville, TN where he has made a name for himself writing amazing country songs. In 2003 he started writing more and more songs around the restoration and with the help of Dan Truman had enough material for an album. Joseph: A Nashville Tribute.

What an amazing piece of work. If you have never listened to it get it. Since that one they have also written another called Trek. Trek is good but Joseph is GREAT!

Anyway...getting back to the concert. Due West was there with them as well as a few others including the lovely Katherine Nelson.

The music is always beautiful, carries a message, makes you feel good type of music.

John, Nicole and I attended. What a great way to spend time together for an evening.

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