Sunday, October 24, 2010


Nicole and I went to Dallas for 3 days to see our dear friend, Dr. Kimberly Jones. She is amazing.

I took Nicole there to have a few visits with her. She works with people who have food and environment sensitivities. Nicole, since getting out of the hospital last year has had trouble when
she eats gluten and dairy as well as she is having severe bone loss and cannot absorb vitamin D.

During the initial testing it was confirmed that Nicole indeed has a sensitivity to gluten and casein. She is also is sensitive to Calcium which may be why she is not absorbing vitamin D. A few other things showed up also which we will treat for over the next few days. Now for the the treatments to begin. They will take several hours between each treatment of each item. AND no eating of the item or anything related to it for 25 hrs after each treatment. That really doesn't leave much to eat for the next 3 days.

3 days later.....Nicole already feels a difference. She feels not as sick to her stomach when she eats. This is a winner. Now we are off to (sshh) Sam Moon. (It's a secret)

Yes, Sam Moon is my favorite place to shop in Dallas. Yes, many dollars are dropped in this store. This is why it is a secret. We don't want John to know I am shopping here again. I do have an agenda this time and I do have a budget I supposed that will make John happy. Do you want to know what is on my agenda? Only 5 bracelets to go with necklaces I already have, a pair of earrings to make up for the ones I broke the other day and a Pashmina.

My shopping trip was a hit. I did get a new Pashmina as well as 3 pairs of earrings, none of which was like the ones I broke and 4 bracelets. Total cost....35 dollars. Yeah for me. Yeah for John.

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