Sunday, October 17, 2010


Oh my! I flew to Denver this weekend to meet my Lover who was attending a conference. I was like a little kid as a started preparing earlier in the week for this amazing weekend. Even though I knew he was going to be at the conference most of the time this was also a retreat for me. Sleeping in, Breakfast in bed, Hot Tubbing. AAANNNDDD Spending the evenings with my Lover.

Earlier in the week our friend of many years, Paul Roberts, passed away. Not suddenly, he has been battling cancer for months. John was asked to speak at his funeral which was Friday night. He felt honored to be asked so speak to honor his friend.

I am flying into Denver Friday morning in order to go to the Temple and relax for the afternoon preparing for my Lover to arrive. because the funeral is a night funeral, John doesn't leave Wichita until 10pm arriving at 4am. I am there waiting for him dosing on and off while reading and watching TV. Oh, it is so great to be in the arms of the one I love.

No breakfast in bed this morning. Up too late :( . John has to rush off to his conference and I am going to go with him for a while this morning in order to get a few goodies on the breakfast bar they provide.

I am off the shop at Park Meadows Mall, one of my favorite places to shop. I just love the variety of shops there. I also went back to the Temple. Even though I live near several I never pass up the chance to attend the Temple wherever we travel. I also had a chance to jsut sit outside hte Temple and contemplate the many blessings in my life. One of which is just a few miles away waiting for me. That brings a smile to my face.

I brought back takeout to the hotel so we could just have a quiet night in together. I can't tell you how many times I have eaten P.F. Changes in a hotel room. I love it AND it is still great when it is not hot off the grill and still good as leftovers.

Waiting....Waiting....Waiting.... Good thing I am a great waiter.

Do I hear a knocking on the door? Yes!! My Lover has arrived! Butterflies still invade my belly when I know I am going to see him. I open the door and my heart leaps. It is him. My day is complete.

How I am grateful for this man of mine. The one God choose for me. The one who makes my everyday. The one who without him I would only be half of me. Together WE2ARE1.

It doesn't get better then this.

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