Saturday, October 30, 2010

Emergancy trip back to the hospital

Nicole and I are in California so I can go to a conference with John. She and I drove here yesterday. What a trooper she has been. Surgery a few days ago and now here. This conference was schedule months ago and this surgery was the only time this Dr. could do it while she was still on rotation. So we rolled with it.

Last night the winds in So. Cal. were very strong. A lot of junk in the air. Sitting outside on the patio enjoying the weather something got into Nicole's eye. We cleaned it out as best we could and she went to bed but when we woke up this morning her eye was swollen practically shut and had junk coming out of it. John and I got a flashlight and looked in as best as we could. It didn't look good. As a matter of fact it look as though it was cut and open about 3 mm.

Down to the ER in San Clemente we drove. I have to say, the people working there were so nice, so on top of things and so fast. We have been in many hospitals over the years and I would say they are top rated. The Dr. came in very quickly, was thorough and quick., Her bedside was by far one of the best we have come across.

Yes, Nicole did have quite a large cut in her eye and still had debris in it. It was also infected. I felt so bad. They got right to work and got her hooked up fast. Washed it out, medicated it, bandaged us up and we were out of there. WOW! Refreshing. in and out in practically no time at all and notch.

Nicole is already on the mend.

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