Friday, December 24, 2010


Nicole fell 2 weeks ago and broke her right ankle, open fracture. She has been in a cast and on crutches. No weight bearing.

Then the following week she got caught up in her cast and crutches and slipped and broke the other foot. This foot in a walking cast.

2 nights ago she and Christian had been at a family gathering. On the way home they stopped for a RedBox at Maverick. She slipped in the parking lot and fell on her arm. it was hurting quite a bit but we just iced it and did some cold laser on it to help with the pain and inflammation. Well, the swelling was not going down and the pain was going up so I took her to Urgent care for an X-ray.

Dunt dunt dunt duh.....

Nicole broke her shoulder in 3 places. Are you kidding? Really? SO, here we have it. 1 broken ankle, 1 broken foot, and 1 broken shoulder. What a Christmas this will be.

This is a roller coaster that I want off of NOW.

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