Saturday, July 10, 2010

Do yo know I travel? A LOT!!!

I am part of a travel club. It is kind of like Costco or Sam's club. You buy a membership and by doing so are entitled to go on these amazing trips at wholesale prices. Our travel club beats any trip you can find on the internet as well as our travel site for flights, hotels, cars, villas and package deals beats other travel sites % of the time.

I love to travel with my friends and family too, so I want them to join our travel club. We have over 400 trips planned this year alone. Everything from cruises to tours, Nascar to the Super Bowl. In the USA and abroad.

Today i went to Regional training in Salt Lake City today. What a day. I learned how to further my business of travel bookings and how to help others join me in the travel club.

Just wanted you to know I love to travel.

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