Monday, July 19, 2010


Nicole had a consultation with a doctor to have reconstruction preformed. The doctor seems to think that she can accomplish what needs to be done. Nicole's scar tissue on her torso are tightening and pulling her forward. Her shoulders are hunched and the skin on the upper torso needs to be released so she will be able to stand up straight.

While the doctor was examining Nicole she saw some areas that needed to be addresses. They are areas that we also wanted to be looked at, for example one of Nicole's legs had extensive damage. She had to have part of her gastroc and quads removed as well as tissue. With that being done the back of her leg is concave and the graphs have not healed very well. It keeps breaking open causing open areas.

It looks as though Nicole will be able to have some reconstruction to help her live a more normal life.

We do have one challenge though. We have to convince the insurance company that these surgeries will be beneficial for her continued recovery. Our prayers today are for that. God knows what this is like for her and I knows if this is what is best, it will happen.

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