Saturday, July 3, 2010

David and Lisa

Last night we were supposed to fly to Spokane to my nephews reception but our flight was canceled with no other flights going out tonight and with the holiday weekend all other flights are booked. I was so upset about not being able to got here and spend this special day with them. I called and told them and in their perfect faith they both prayed that God would some how get us on a flight to Spokane.

This morning John and I went out to the airport with not very high hopes that we could get on a flight. As they were calling all the stand by passengers our hopes of getting on was more and more dismal. The guy finally said no more passenger seats left. My heart sunk. Tears leaked from my eyes, trying to be strong I went to the podium and ask the man if by chance there might be room on another flight. He asked my name....he looked at the screen and said we had made this flight after all. OH MY GOSH! The faith of two kids and my faith not as strong as theirs.

John and I flew on to the plane. We both were so grateful to whom ever didn't get there in time to catch their flight out so we could get this one.

What a fun time we had. We got to see a new niece that we had never seen before. Hayleigh Dior is her name and is she a cutie patutie.

So many family and friends were there to help them celebrate this day.

After we hung out at my sisters home. We built a fire in the backyard and roasted marshmallows with the biggest marshmallows I had ever seen. We talked forever. I love my sissy. Thanks for having us and letting us share this day with you .

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