Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Day 74 has been a roller coaster day. Getting up early, flying across the country, no food, less water. Not a good combination.

When I arrived at the unit Nicole was resting in bed fairly comfortably. She did go to wound care today mostly so the doctor could really see what was still happening as well as what is our next move. Well, the next move is surgery tomorrow. Dr. Morris will clean up the wounds that are not healing on her backside. While there he will lay homographs on all that area. That is good and bad. Good that it should cut down on the pain and hopefully help to get that area to heal itself. Bad because we don't want the homograph to do too good a job. We don't want the under layer to integrate itself into the wound so the body starts to heal into it. If that happens they won't be able to use that area again for donor sites. There really isn't much more area to take donor from if we loose that area. But something has to be done do help her back heal. We will just pray for the homograph to do the job but not too good of job.

Nicole had another surgery today. Dr. Shen put in a central line and an ART line. There is so much going on today I feel like it is day one all over again. Nicole has 12 bags hanging. She is not feeding right now. She is sepsis as well as acidosis. They are watching her quite close. When I got here today she was on a vent but only about 40% oxygen. Now the vent is breathing for her.

Nicole has had albumin times 3 plus 4 bags of Lactated ringers. She has minimal urine output. One of the reasons for the ART line is to help figure out why she has no urine. Where is all that fluid? Why is it trapped? Why are here pipes dilating and not getting rid of the fluid?

So much going on and no answers.

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