Friday, September 25, 2009

My Amazing Husband

My husband is amazing. Number 1 amazing thing....He loves ME! He loves me from the depth of his soul. (that's what he tells me) I love that. I can picture that. I picture this vast open carvern. Written all over the walls, lovingly is....Johnny loves Angi, Johnny loves Angi, Johnny loves Angi. I am in awe how many times it is written there. I take my chisel and I write...Angi loves Johnny, Angi Loves Johnny, Angi Loves Johnny. I do it with a chisel so it can't be erased. When the storms come and the rain beats down it will still be there. Forever and for always, to the moon and back.

Number 2 amazing thing....He is a great dad. He loves our children so much. We have so many great memories. I have this really fun picture of John wrapped up in our 8 skin sheep skin that John brought back form New Zealand. He is acting like a bear and Christian is giggling and running to him with his arms out strtetched. So fun!

Number 3 amazing thing....he is running our clinic in Kansas by himself ( with the amazing help of the girls who work for us). Many nights he is there until midnight or 1 am getting things done that I woul dhave been doing. He is doing that so I can stay in Utah to help Nicole recover. Many nights I call him to say good night and he is still at the clinic.

Number 4 amazing thing.....He still keep a smile on his face and in his voice when he talks to me each day. I know it is very hard on him being apart. it is hard on me too. He is being strong.

There are so many amazing things he does, too numerous to count.

I am grateful for the happiness he brings me each day. He shares himself so fully with me. He lifts me up when I can no longer go on. He lightens my load. He carries me throught he tough times. He loves me no matter what. He lets me chatter on and on even when he really wants me to be on the ski lifts when all he wants is to hear is NOTHING and look at the new snow falling all around us. He loves me in spite of all my faults and weaknesses.

He loves me and I love him!

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Leesa said...

You and John are both amazing - we love you guys!