Monday, September 7, 2009

Day 65

I left fairly early from the ranch today so I could spend as much time with Nicole as possible. John went to his mothers in Koosharem with his siblings to load the moving van. Today is moving day for her. She will be living in SLC to be closer to her kids and grand kids. I am sure everyone will love having her closer and they won't worry about her being so far away.

Christian, Celia and I left about 9am. With the Labor Day traffic I wanted to get an early start so as not to get caught waiting on the freeway in the hot sun. Home, Hot Shower then off to the unit. Little things like a hot shower make my day so much nicer.

Before I left the ranch I called the unit to get an update on Nicole. She had a few complications last night but today seemed some better in that regard. When they took off all her bandages today in wound care they found more psuedomonas. Can't we ever get a break.

Also the MRSA which was under control several days ago is now on about 30% of her face. Shaun, her nurse today, is jumping on that. He is very efficient and really keeps on top of that kind of stuff.

I was so happy to see Nicole when I came into the unit today. I have only seen her for 1 hour in 8 days. Unfortunately she has been throwing up today which makes for a tough day. I'm sure others can relate to this. I know when I am sick I don't want anyone one to touch me or even talk to me. She is not that fortunate to be able to be left alone. People in and out all day and PT doesn't stop even when you are throwing up. They just pause until it is over then continues on. So sad.

Nicole is finally wearing her Jobst gloves. When they came in her hands were too swollen to get them on so we had to wait. They had to wrap her hands with special material and in a special way to help the edema go away. We are happy her hands fit in the gloves now. That will help a lot.

Many family and friends have sent their well wishes to us. We in turn want to send well wishes your way. We pray for your families and hope you are all well. Even if we don't know you. We continue to pray that God will bless you and yours. I am so grateful for a merciful God. One that knows us individually. He knows what we can handle and he won't give us more than that. I know it may seem like I can't handle one more thing but I guess HE know me better than I do. The lessons we have learned are priceless. No amount of schooling could have given me the experience, patience nor the fortitude that I now have.


Sandra McMillin said...

Sounds like you had a nice time at your reunion. Family is so important and at times so hard to get together with each other, it's nice you get to see your extended family at least once a year. I just love your Mom and Dad and am so glad they can help you out. Big big hugs for you, Nicole, Christian and John ~Love Sandra

Dale and Teri said...

I recently came across a quote by Mother Teresa. It went something like this... "I know that God will never give me more than I can handle, I just wish he didn't trust me so much" Your family continues to be our hearts and prayers daily. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and providing updates for those of us who are unable to be there for you now. Love you.