Thursday, September 3, 2009

Day 61

Last year Nicole crocheted on flip-flops and had a booth at the Riverfest. She sold many pairs. We have several we are selling at our garage sale. All different sizes and colors. That would be a boon to her if we could sell them ALL and be able to put that money in her account for when she is able to be released from the hospital. If anyone from any other place would like a pair I can send them to you or if you are in Salt Lake area I can bring them today when I came back. Comment if you want a pair. They are 3 dollars or you can call me. I will be leaving this afternoon to head back to Utah.

I know that the Physical Therapists in the burn unit only want what best for Nicole but I need an education. I can understand the stretching and moving being a benefit to her but what I don't understand is how much they push. She has come back from PT two days in a row crying. Nicole FIRED her PT guy today 3 times. I guess he didn't get the hint. Not being there everyday to be her advocate has wrenched my heart. I am not afraid to speak my mind and get in someone face if I need to. I called to find out what was going on and to vent my frustrations to her nurse. I hardly could tell her what was on my mind before she chimed in and told me she was unhappy with Nicole's pain level today and was going to talk to her nurse about it. YEAH!. I didn't need to be the momma bear after all.

I am ready to leave here soon. I know it is a long drive but that is MY time with John. I actually love the drive. We have each other captive. We talk, laugh, read together, sing. I rub his back and he rubs mine. This is why I love working with John everyday. Total together time.

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