Saturday, September 12, 2009

Day 70

Prayer is a great thing. Dr. Morris came in to inspect Nicole during wound care. He has instructed they try something different again. This morning when her dressing came off Nicole's whole back and buttocks and well as her legs now is covered in psuedomonas. BUT.....Dr. Morris indicated that we can start using the Cold Laser. He reviewed the research and even though he doesn't totally agree and so not sure it will help but he did conclude it couldn't hurt. That was all we had to hear. We will be able to start using the Cold Laser today. I am so glad. Since we have seen first hand what the Cold Laser can do, I can't wait for the doctors here to see what it can do.
Along with the infections again, she will be getting 2-3 units of blood today. Blood pressure way down again. I hope the blood transfusions will help.

Nicole and I are going to go for a stroll. She will be in the cardiac chair again. I like it much better than the wheel chair. It gives her more neck support. I am going to take Nicole out to the garden for sunshine therapy and then to the cafeteria for a slushie. As you know Nicole has been able to have nectar thick "food". I wouldn't really call it food as it is like ice cream, slushies, Italian ice, pudding. Although they did bring her potato soup, which looked more like cream gravy. I did taste it and it was pretty good. there is also a can of V-8. Certainly not my favorite but any nutrients will do.

John and I are driving to Wichita tomorrow. We are always so crazy busy the day before we go anywhere. You would think that since we have done that drive a hundred times that getting ready would be a snap. But NOOO. It always takes so long. We have so many things to pack up. All the clinic items to take back as well as all the other things John brought. I think this time he has more things because he needed things for the reunion last weekend.

We are always so busy crazy the day before we go somewhere. Today is no exception. Hospital time, helping John's mom unload boxes and move stuff around, neighborhood block party, adult stake conference, football game, pack up our stuff and load the van. Then, tomorrow on our way out of town we will attend church with John's nephew and wife, John and Alicia to participate in the blessing of there son Samuel. What a great thing that will be. Then off to Wichita.


Sarah Carlston said...

Yay for the laser! Yay for prayer! Yay for Angi! You are still my hero Angi....and an keep me going! Thanks for always listening to me...and helping me...and letting me vent....and talking to me.....and for being you!

We love you!

pj said...

Ditto for the laser! I can't wait to see the work it will do for Nikki. Did you get to see Elder "Buddy" last week? I'm jealous you are able to see him and I still have over a year before I get too!! Thanks for watching out for my son!! You and John are amazing.

Angi said...

Oh Sarah. You keep me going. Thank you for all you do. For listening to me and letting me vent and helping me in ways you'll never know. I love you and think you are so strong.

Angi said...

Patti-yes I saw our buddy this past week. He is doing awesome. Transfers are this week. I pray for you and Todd. I hope something comes up soon. By the way. IHC is opening two hospitals here. One in Park City and one in South Jordon. TJ should apply. I am sure they need IT guys.