Friday, September 18, 2009

Day 76

Today is not much different than yesterday. Nicole is resting comfortably. She is breathing assisted by the vent. Nicole has received 2 more units of fresh / frozen plasma today. They are switching up several things today as far as food and medicines. They are using a different food to help her with her electro-lights and it also has different protein to see if she can break it down better.

I came in today as she was finishing up dressing change. I stood back and just watched the team wash her and redress her. I have seen this many times but today there was so much peace in the room. Quiet voices, each nurse working as one with the other nurses. I am grateful for all they do for Nicole. I am grateful especially today that they are being so careful, so gentle. Thank you for your kindness today.

Nicole has fought so long and so hard. I wonder today if she has any fight left in her. I wonder that because I don't know if I would. She is much stronger than I. I love her all the stars,


Dianne Weeks said...

I don't think there is anything quite as powerful and a mother's love, and most difficult to see our children hurting. Glen and I pray daily for you. I'm sure there are many angels attenting to Nicole, both those here and on the other side. You, and she, are very loved!

lwheat said...


When I read your blog today, these words came to mind..."God is my rock & my fortress. In Him will I trust".

You ARE full of strength & COURAGE, too. Your love for your family is awesome & inspiring.

I pray that God will hold you up, daily.

God bless you,

Julie Wheat