Saturday, September 19, 2009

Time Out For Women - Logan

Last night I went to Logan, Ut with John's sister Anne. We attended Time out for women. For those of you who don't know what that is.....Well it is easy and hard to explain. First on Friday night we meet in a venue to hear great spiritually uplifting music and messages. Actually the same happens of Saturday but for a longer period of time.

So Friday, Michael McLean and Cherie Call sang and Chieko Okazaki spoke to us. What great messages to listen to.

After, we went and picked up Bethany, Anne's daughter. We ate Cafe Rio and talked. It was so fun to see Beth. This is her first year at Utah State. Then we went back to her apt and talked for a few hours, I went to sleep and Anne and Beth talked til 3 am. So fun for them.

This morning we went back to the venue to hear Cherie Call sing again as well as hear the messages of Jill Manning, Brent Top, Mary Ellen Edmond's and Emily Watts. Each person speaks on something different. Something they are passionate about. My cup was filled.

What a fun day to be able to spend it with Anne. We found out that we like so many of the same things. All-Sorts, Brownies with nuts. Water with no ice. It is not like, oh I like hamburgers and so do you, NO I don't know anyone else that likes All-sorts. It was so fun. I am so glad I went and glad Anne was able to experience her first TOFW.

Thanks for going with me.

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Tamalee said...

So glad you and Anne got to go to that! Sounds great! You need things like that regularly. Glad Nicole is improving from her crazy week last week.
Love you!