Monday, September 28, 2009

Day 86

Do you ever not want to get out of bed? I know I have those days. That had been Nicole today. PT is so painful and wound care too that I think she is tired of being in pain. No amount of coaxing or cajoling worked. Any ideas? I asked PT today what I could do. They said it is normal after being in the unit for so long to just not want to do it any more. Well, I won't stand for that. Nicole has to keep going. Giving up is NOT an option. I know she is tired, So am I, but we are in this together.

I can't stand the thought of us coming this far and things not working out. I know it is hard for her. I know it is not going to be easy once we leave here. I know things won't be the same. But dang it, Life is hard. We have to work for it. Of course we can get help. That's what we are all here for is to help each other.

Well, I just found out that visiting for Nicole is being limited to only from noon to 2pm. and only immediate family. Oh my gosh. How will I stand it? I can't stop crying I am so upset by this news.

I have to figure this out before I can't think.


scraps said...

Time for more prayers to come your way, to help you think.
Love and prayers,

Dianne Weeks said...

Does that include Moms too???? I am so very sorry! My Nicole and I have been so anxious to go back for a visit when she is awake! You are all in our constant prayers, Angie. Much, much love, Dianne

Angi said...

Yes that includes mom' too. I can hardly stand it. John and I are in so much turmoils over this new turn of events. When this is lifted I will let you know.Thanks to all for the prayers offered on our behalf.