Monday, September 21, 2009

Day 79

I don't even know where to begin. I wasn't in a huge hurry to get to the hospital today because Nicole was 3rd on the case load for surgery. Although, what I didn't know was after the first case the second case wasn't ready so they bumped Nicole to 2nd. When I got here they had already taken her in and she had been there for 45 minutes. Well, I guess the upside to that is she will be out soon. I didn't get to kiss her and hold her hand before. I need that as much as she does.

One hour, 1.5 hours, 2 hours, 2.5 hours. What is going on. Just as I get up to find out what is taking so long, the surgery doors opened and they are bringing her back to her room. Dr. Cochran will be coming to talk to me soon.

The report....A different trach was inserted so they can see more. They took samples of her airway and bronchial areas to see what we are really dealing with. They scoped it also to get a better looksee of things. I hope the samples come back quickly. Although it seems like everything takes two days.

Next on the docket was to get cadaver laid on the legs as well as her left arm. But, first they have to shave off the outer tissue that is so infected and send it off to the lab to make sure thay know what they are dealing with there too. Laying the cadaver tissue goes on smoothly and without a hitch. Yes, there is no hitch there but we do have one. And it is a doozy.

What are we going to do with Nicole's back? Dr. Cochran is very perplexed about her back. "We should not be here at 79 days out and be sitting this far from recovery. I would have expected that Nicole would have been 95% healed by now." As we talk back and forth she tells me fo the plan.

Plan A - Thursday or Friday take Nicole back to surgery shave a thin layer of tissue from her back to try to stimulate new growth, lay cadaver skin. If that fails like the last one did go to Plan B.

Plan B - Take Nicole back to surgery and do Plan A again. If that fails Plan C.

Plan C - Well, There is NO PLAN C.

Dr. Cochran has no idea what is going to happen if Plan A or Plan B don't work. What?! If the team doesn't know what to do, what will happen?   The unit has been doing everything they know how. Wound care is very important and that is happening like clock work. Antibiotics, IV and topical are on board. What more can they or I do........

I can pray for God's intervention.

By the way, Nothing can be done for Nicole's liver. Burn patients typically get an enlarged liver although Nicole's is enlarged in hyper mode. Dr. Morris said it was the 2nd largest liver he has ever seen. I hope it stays functioning.

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