Friday, September 11, 2009

Day 69

I went to bed last night fairly early. I needed sleep and with John here I have been sleeping better. I took the opportunity to try to get extra sleep. Sleep I did. I slept 11 hours. It felt so good. Not only that when I awoke I didn't need to get up nor did I feel that I needed to get right up. So, I got the book I was reading (The Undaunted) and read 2 chapters. I love to read. It is a grateful outlet.

I love the morning time. The air has a slight breeze. The crispness draws me outside. I love to fill my lungs with sweet mountain air. Unfortunately the valley is being filled up with pollution from California. I hope one day the valleys don't look like L.A. As I look out toward Utah Lake the sun shimmers across the lake. It looks like gem stones dancing. Beautiful!

I love working in the clinic with John. I looked foreword to each day because I knew not only was I able to see him all day (well, I could go look in the window of the room he was in) but we also ate lunch together, drove to and from work and at anytime I could see his smile. Gotta love that! Since I have been in Utah I have missed that. I miss waking up to him, going to the clinic and just being able to spend all that time together. Some people don't want to do that with their spouse. I don't get it. They married them, why wouldn't they want to spend all that time with them.

It is kind of hectic at the Utah clinic because it is just the two of us. He does the "magic" and I do everything else. Except when I get busy with the phone or therapies, then he does his own notes and all that. He is so patient with me when other duties take me out of the room. I know it is hard to "fend" for himself, to do it all. Plus I LOVE talking to the patients and finding out their stories. That is one of the best perks. I miss the Kansas stories, too.

Yesterday our friends from Kansas, Amber and Preston, who moved to Ogden, came to see John. Man, it was good to see them. I actually have seen them a few times but John hasn't seen them since they moved and that has been about 5 years. John was saying, "It seems like yesterday that we saw them." Amber said, "When I heard his voice it was like no time at all had gone by. I felt like I should be in the room with him charting." So fun.

Nicole had a fairly good day. Wound care went fairly well and her back is another tiny bit better. She also walked again today about 20 feet. Every day she can walk will make her that much stronger. She has a team of interns that are following her progress. There are 3 of them. They chart her progress and then report on it. I didn't even know that was happening until yesterday. Either I had so many other things going on in my head or they came when I was not there.

Christian is off today. Not many of those days. John and I are spending the evening with him. I know this is hard on him especially since I spend so much time at the unit with Nicole. He says its okay but I am sure he would like some time too. We are off to see G.I Joe.

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