Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Day 87

So today is the day of restricted visiting. I DID NOT LIKE IT ONE BIT! I didn't like only being with my baby for 2 hours. That is almost like cutting off my right arm.

When I got there she was still in wound care. I was so happy to see her come back to the room. We had a great talk and then went out to the sunshine. YEAH!!! It was so nice to get out to the garden. And nice to be away from the unit.

Nicole's wound care went well today. I was glad to hear about that but I wish I was able to see it myself. PT went well also. Nicole has some weird bacteria right now. They haven't pinpointed it as of yet so we now have to wear gowns when we go in and if she leaves her room SHE has to wear gown and gloves. They don't want her to get or give anything to or from anyone. For some reason the unit seems extra hot today and with the gowns on it was almost unbearable.

I can tell Nicole is super sad now. She and I have a special bond and I know it is hard for her not to have me there during the day. Very teary. Me too.

After I left the Unit today I had the privilege of going to the Draper Temple. Boy, is it beautiful. I love to sit in the Temple and ponder over things. I do have to say that is a perk of being here in Utah. I can go to one of the Temples just about any time I want to. So nice.

The wind is blowing heavily here. I was about blown away while I was looking at the spectacular falls colors in Corner Canyon. I love to see the trees and bushes change. Yellow...Red...Orange. Brilliant beyond words.

I am grateful for a loving Heavenly Father. He knows me and our situation. Last night, I was upset and in talking to John got him riled up. We prayed together over the phone. What a great invention. So glad we have that luxury. I love to hear John pray for I know he has a direct line into heaven. When he was finished I felt a lot better. I was still upset but I knew Heavenly Father heard our supplication. While pondering our recent prayers I was prompted to read D&C 98:2-3. WOW! What more could I ask for.

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Sandra McMillin said...

Big big hug and a smile coming your way. Ü