Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Huge Setback

4:10am Phone ringing...."Hello?" "Angi, This is Dr. Morris."

What a wake up call. My heart is racing. I know this can't be good.

"I wouldn't be calling you if it were not an emergency. Nicole is being taken into surgery as we speak. We think she has had a silent aspiration. She is having respiratory distress. Since 10pm last night I have been watching her very closely and now have determined there is no alternative but to try to insert another trach. Nicole needs a clear airway and at this point she doesn't have one. She has pneumonia also."

Oh no! This is certainly what we don't need.

"I will do my best to dilate her trachea to be able to insert a tube but if I can't do that I will need to reinsert a tube into her mouth. She will need to be put back on the vent. I will do my best. I will call you when we are finish."

I have great faith in Dr. Morris. I know he is amazing. I am grateful for him.

"Okay, Call me when you are done."

As I relay this inforamtion to John my stomach fells sick. Sick for Nicole but also sick for John that he is unable to be there. I need to call Christian but I will wait a while longer until I have more information.

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