Monday, September 28, 2009

Day 85

It is the beginning of a new week. Although the days run together as do the weeks. I think with this beginning Nicole is on an upward climb. I hope it lasts.

Her eyes are clearer today. I can tell she is feeling better than yesterday. This progress is great. Each increment of progress makes my heart leap for joy. Wound care was bed side today. It is a little easier for her to have it done that way and once in a while that is okay. The tank room is really the better way to go. The water runs over her there and washes everything away.

Nicole and I were able to go outside again today. What a beautiful day to enjoy the sunshine. It was a little cool for Nicole so we just bundled her up in blankets for the trek. We walked the grounds. (Well, she went where I went. She didn't have a choice.) There is not alot of sidewalk space as you can imagine. We have to be creative. Down to the main road, back around through the parking lot, around the back where the ambulance parks and then back into the hospital. The sunshine felt fantastic on our faces. Sushine really is good medicine.

Tonight, music therapy came in again. It is so fun to see Julie and Kristen. It really brightens Nicole's day. Julie learned how to play a Sugarland song for Nicole. After they sang hymns and primary songs. We even had an aide come in to listen. Music is good for the soul.

Christian and I had supper together. I love him. He is so easy to be around. He told me today he wants to ride a bull. A REAL BULL! Are you kidding? Why? Why would anyone intentionally want to do that? His cousin said she would try to find one for him. (She has connections.) I hope it is not the season for bulls to be ridden.

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