Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Day 67

Nicole has had a somewhat better day. She is more alert then she was yesterday.

Wound care was mostly uneventful. We were hoping there would be some change. Last night during wound care they put half acticote and half BPL to see what would be better, if a change could be seen. Neither produced a significant change. So frustrating. Now they are going to change her every 4 hours and see if that helps.

Yesterday Nicole said her heels really hurt. Today she has bleeding bed sores on her heels form the skin breaking down. If it is not one thing it is another. Why can't one thing heal before something else comes around.

It was so fun to be with her tonight. Her personality was shining through. I had given her a taste of some ice cream. She wanted to hold the spoon. When I reached out to take it from her she pulled it back. I thought she wasn't done until she did it again. I could see she was playing with me. So cute.

Nicole's voice is getting a little stronger. It is squeaky but cute. I know she gets frustrated when she runs out of air and we can't understand her. I got real good at reading lips, I hope I get good at reading air.

Fatigue is catching up to me. Too many long days and nights. I knew fatigue would find me I was just hoping it wouldn't be for several more weeks.

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