Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lundgreen Reunion 2009

Our family reunion was so much fun this year. I hope I don't sound bias since our family was in charge. We always have a riot no matter who is in charge. We started off by participating in a service project benefiting the ranch. We transplanted trees and picked up trash. I heard there was something like 80 people who where there.

Each year we have our traditional old fashioned games we play. Pennies in the hay, gunny sack races, balloon toss, float the dope as well as others. I wish I had some pictures of the games. They are always fun to watch and participate in. Snow cones are always after lawn games. How fun is that?

Our Saturday night activity was a sock hop. Poodle skirts, rolled up jeans and white t-shirts, leather jackets. We had great music and great dancers. my brother-in-law Rich brought his lights and camera for photo ops. A cousin brought his motorcycle and we were able to use it as a prop for pictures. What a hit.

The malt shop and penny candy went over big. We had root beer barrels, double bubble, Chiclets, licorice whips, tootsie rolls and Beemans gum. All to bought with a penny.

Our malt shop was more like a sundae shop but the point is...we all got ice cream! Every topping you could imagine was there. My favorite was malt, brownies and Oreo cookies crunched up. Christian and Celia scooped the ice cream. I think they had fun. Thanks for your help guys.

There is always some sort of ping pong going on. Round robin or tournaments. Christian and Celia along with Becca and Taylor had fun playing.

Sunday after the family devotional we took a couple of four wheelers out for a ride to Mt. Dutton. If you have never been to Antimony, UT I recommend a trip. It is beautiful. Not far from Otter Creek Res on the North and Bryce Canyon on the South. We actually didn't get all the way there but it was fun anyway. When we reached the top we could see the Antimony Valley. What a sight.

There is always a craft time. You know to keep the little ones busy. I think this year there were alot of "big" ones busy too. There were swords to be made, princess crowns also. I saw mascarede masks being worn. But thebeading table was where the adult action was. Necklaces, bracelets and earrings were being churned out. SO fun sitting there talking and helping younger ones be creative. Jenn, thanks so much for putting so much thought into the crafts. Wish you were there to see how much fun everyone was having.

The one thing I look forward to above all else is when we get together on Sunday night and sing with Uncle Burns and Aunt Mona. We sing songs like the long tall texan, pass the udder udder and hole in the bottom of the sea. Then they both sing songs to us. They sing so well and their harmony is awesome. John has video taped the singing every year for about 20 years. I feel lucky to have those tapes. I wish I had those recordings on a cd.

I just want to thanks all who came and all who were the planners and people who carried out the plan. Anne, Brock, Janet, Jenn, Joe, John, Kathryn, Ladd, Michelle, Rich, Richard, Sarah, Thane (in alpha order). (and the nieces and nephews to numerous to name at this time) You guys are awesome.

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Sarah Carlston said...

These pictures make me sad that we werent there this year! Glad you all had fun!