Friday, September 4, 2009

Day 62

Well today is day 62. Already past the two month mark. John and I drove all night to come to the unit today. We left kind of late but we hit everything imaginable. Rain. very dense fog, road construction at every turn. It was slow going. On top of that, for some reason we only got 250 miles to the tank instead of 350. Needless to say it felt like we were stopping to get gas all the time.

Nicole's surgery was today. We wanted to be here when she came out but that didn't happen. The surgery went well. Dr. Morris was able to cover both legs and the rest of her left arm with cadaver skin. That should make the pain level less int eh next day or so. I hope that happens. The pain is very intense.

Nicole's back and buttocks is not doing that great. Her back was doing ok but over the last few days has gone down hill. Laying on her back and buttocks has made it raw and not heal as it should. The doctors are trying a new thing. It is experimental technology that will hopefully help her backside heal.

When I get a scrap or a paper cut I think, "Holy smokes that hurts so much." I can't imagine what pain this is. Even a small flat iron burn hurts for so many days.

When John and I arrived here today Nicole was so happy to see us both. My parents have been here each day to visit and be here for Nicole. When they were leaving today Nicole said, "Thank you so, so, so, so, so, (about 30 times) much for being here when my mom was gone." I am glad she liked them to be there. I don't know sometimes how she will be with people there. Sometimes she just doesn't want others there.

Tonight John and I will be getting ready to go to Antimony, UT for the Lundgreen Family Reunion. (that is on John's side) We have been having this reunion for 24 years. The first one Christian was just 3 weeks old. It is something we look so foreword to. It is held at the Rockin R Ranch.

Our Carlston family is in charge of the whole weekend this year. We have lots of activities planned and several usual things like snow cones and cotton candy, pinatas and pennies in the hay, water balloon toss and potato guns.

I may not update for a few days because I don't know if there is Internet access. Just know if there is no post til Monday all is still well.


Sarah Carlston said...

So bummed we are not going to the reunion! Have lots of fun for us!

Sarah Carlston said...

And I am glad you arrived safely in Utah!