Saturday, August 22, 2009

Happy Birthday, John

Today John is 51! I am so lucky to have been with him for 26 birthdays. I love birthdays. I love to reflect back on what I have done this past year or what the birthday person has done.

This year has been quite eventful for him. First, right after his last birthday we started a small clinic in Lehi, Utah. We moved to a new home there although we still have our clinic in Wichita, Kansas. We were coming to Utah so much to see and treat family and friends that we thought we might as well start a clinic there. We have traveled back and forth for nearly 1 year now. We both have grown a lot this year. Spiritually and mentally. Our life has taken a new path in a few areas. The growth we have seen is amazing. I couldn’t do a lot of the things I do without the strength that John gives me. He says that I give him strength. I suppose it goes both ways.

John helps to keep me grounded. He is so kind to me. I couldn’t ask for a better person to go through life with and eternity. He is amazing. He is kind and thoughtful. Loves me to death. Who could ask for more? I am grateful for all he does for me and the light he brings into my life.

I was so happy to wake up to him this morning. I haven’t slept so well in weeks and weeks. I actually slept for 11 hours. Can you believe it? I guess it caught up to me and I felt safe enough to sleep that long because John was there. He gave me a present too. (sleep)

Crazy the hand we have been dealt. I don’t know if I could handle it with any other company. I am lucky to be able to spend not only this life but our life after this one with my Johnny.

Top ten reasons I love Johnny
1. He loves me
2. He is kind and gentle
3. He upholds his priesthood
4. He believes in me
5. He smiles a lot
6. He loves our children
7. He is a perfectionist
8. He is caring
9. He is helpful
10. He loves God

We had a great day spending it with Nicole. Now is celebration time. I made reservations at Five ALLS. It is on Foothill Drive in Salt Lake City. You meal includes 3 appetizers, soup or melon, Salad, Your meal with a potato, a vegetable and your meat. Served with Bread. Then you get dessert. What more could you ask for. Good food and they even sang to John for his birthday.
On the drive home I couldn't be happier. I smiled all the way home. I have a lot to smile about. John being here. Christian being healthy and happy. Nicole improving. Our practices doing well. Great staff. (Thanks Nancy and Deseree)
I love you!


Sandra McMillin said...

Sounds like a wonderful day together, you guys deserve it. Also, glad you got a little shut eye Ang. Hang it there...Big Big Hugs!!

Tamalee said...

Loved your post Angi! I agree with all you said. Your husband is awesome and so are you! You two serve so many people and I am so grateful for you both.
As you talked about John, I thought the same things about Linn and guess what?!!
He proposed to be at Five Alls and had a gift brought to me with each item of food. It was so romantic.
Glad you got to go there together.

Angi said...

We love Five Alls Tami. I am so glad you have good memories there too. So glad you are our friend. Love you bunches.