Monday, August 3, 2009

Day 30

Sweet Nicole had a pretty good day today. She slept more than normal. Nicole, after dressing changes was put on the tilt table again today. She was able to be at 70 degree angle for 40 minutes. During that time she had her usual physical therapy but she also had a visit. Our friends Rachel and Don from Wichita came. It was so good to see them. As soon as Nicole saw Rachel she smiled. They had a nice visit I think.

Rachel and Don also brought many fleece blankets from our many friends in Wichita. They donated blankets to the burn unit. Each person that comes into the burn unit receives a blanket. What a great gift to be able to give the unit. The blankets are something they really need because they go through a lot of them. I am amazed at how many patients some here. As soon as one leaves there is one to come in right behind them. A bed here is not vacant for long. Thank you too all who donated blankets. We so appreciate them.

Nicole's lung infection is still not responding. She was changed to another antibiotic. This specific bacteria a drug resistant. Her stats are better today. her blood pressure isn't quite so low. Every little bit helps.

With tank room today, tilt table, and a visit Nicole is just wiped out. She has slept more today than almost any other day. I am going to sleep here tonight. Some nights I just don't want to leave even though I know the sleep I get is very little. It is so worth it to be here. To be near her. To hear her breath.

The night time at the hospital is so peaceful. At ten o'clock they turn most of the lights out. Most every person has left. the only ones here are other parents or spouses that are also having a sleep over. The nurses talk quieter, all the commotion has ceased. You can almost feel the "helpers" here. What a sweet feeling.

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