Monday, August 24, 2009

Day 51

As soon as I arrived at the hospital my phone rang. It was Liz, Nicole's nurse. Nicole was getting ready to go outside again. They wanted us to go with them. I was so glad I could be there for it. It is such a nice day today. Cool with a slight breeze, slightly overcast. What a nice day to be sitting outside.

During PT today she stood again. Drum roll please (rattattattat) Nicole took 8 steps. She had a PT guy and girl on each side as well as a walker. I was so surprised to see that happen. WOW! I was just about jumping for JOY! It was just like when your toddler is beginning to walk for the first time. So amazing.
Really busy morning for us. Right after PT Nicole had wound care. I feel blessed to be able to go to the tank room with Nicole. I am grateful to be able to see her progress and to be able to comfort her when she needs comfort.
With so much going on Nicole is just exhausted. She has been put back on Albumin to help her blood pressure. It is very low again. 90/24 As I watch her monitors I am mesmerized. All the numbers and what they mean. Sometimes I catch myself watching and 30 minutes have gone by. I wish that my will could make the numbers go up.
What do you think Heaven is like? Do you ever think about that? Do you wonder if there are animals there? What is the vegetation like? Are there carpenters and builders building homes and areas for families or do you just think about the kind of home you want and it appears? Do we even live in home? Where do we rest or do we even rest? Do we have too much to do to think about stuff like that? My hope is that we have places where we meet as families. My hope is there is a place for those who have had a long battle here on earth to rest a bit before Heavenly Father puts them to work.

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NieNie said...

I remember that day well for me! What an acomplishment...really!! It is so wonderful. We are thinking of you everyday!