Thursday, August 6, 2009

Day 33


Yesterday afternoon Christian and I both got our hair cut. Then we went to Spankys to get a burger. Spankeys is in American Fork. It is right on the corner when you turn to go to the Mt Timpanogus Temple or American Fork Hospital. If you live anywhere close you should check it out. They are under new ownership so if you have been there before try it again. Christian had the bad boy. 2 patties with ANYTHING you want on it for 99 cents. They have a tons of stuff to choose from. I just got a burger but we had great cheese fries and onion rings. (ask for the Rachel sauce, its a secret but it has a kick)

Then we went next door to Sub Zero. If you have never been to one it is an experience. First they put the ice cream mix in a bowl. It all starts out vanilla. You can choose form regular 14% cream all the way down to yogurt and soy. Then they make it however you want. My choice, cinnamon with cookie dough. Christian's choice, strawberry with dark chocolate flakes. Then they take it over to the nitrous tank and they let it drip in to the bowl. It freezes it instantly. It is so awesome. They next mix it around so everything is spread out and voila you have the best ice cream.

Christian really looks out for me. He can see that I am spread thin. He tells me I have to stay in my own bed tonight or I won't do anyone any good. He is probably right. I call the hospital to get an update on sweet Nicole. She is resting all tucked in for the night. Thane tells me that if she needs me he will call. So I stayed at home, went to bed and slept for 8 hours!

A new complication. Nicole has MRSA. It is under her chin and by her trach.

The speech team came in today to see about Nicole's trach. They are hoping to get her on a button so that she can start using her voice some. The button still doesn't work. Now the team is wondering if there is more damage then they thought. They are calling for an ENT to scope her and figure out what is going on. I hope they can see what they need bedside without having to actually take her into surgery to do it. I guess time will only tell.


Leesa said...

Hey Angi. Sounds like you had a good day with Christian! (I wish we had one of those Sub Zeros here!!!! YUM!) We're thinking of your family.

scraps said...

Glad you got some time with Christian and got some SLEEP! Reading your blog everyday and praying for all of you.

Angi said...

I wish Wichita had a Sub zero also. So fun to make you own concoction