Sunday, August 9, 2009

Day 36

The air is crisp today. It almost feels like fall. I know it sounds weird since it is just August. Maybe we will have an early fall and winter. I hope it is not like last year. So much snow in Utah especially where our home is. It is in the path of American Fork Canyon. The wind rushes down the canyon each evening. I cool canyon breeze. It is so nice. It reminds me of the breeze in Kansas.

Sunday..I love Sunday. I love to hear the Christian music on the radio. I love to go to sacrament meeting. The songs that are sung and the words that are shared are always uplifting. I am grateful to those who speak each week and are guided by the Spirit to give the words that are needed for that day.

This morning Nicole's MRSA had spread onto her left cheek and her whole face looks so much redder. She is much weaker today. You know when your kids are sick and you can see it in there eyes. That is what her eyes look like today. Nicole is pleading with her eyes for me to do something. I wish I know what to do for her. I can't touch her today. Everything is heightened. Touch is hyper sensitive, sound is hyper sensitive, even the fan blowing on her hurts. She is so hot that she wants the fan blowing so she endures the pain.

I pray for angels to be with her to watch over her and to attend to her needs. I know that she has been constantly watched over. I feel them in her room sometimes. So many times I wish that I knew who had the privilege of being there with her. They are lucky and so is she.

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