Sunday, August 9, 2009

Happy Birthday, Christian!

You were born on this day August 8, 1985 at 12:38am. What a day it was. We were so excited to have you in our family. We didn't know whether you would be a boy or a girl and when the doctor said, "It's a boy!" we were both elated. A SON!

We named you Christian not only because we loved the name but because it was a family name. What we didn't know until later is you name means, "Gift from God." No one fits that better than you. You dad was there every minute and of course so was I. Everything went as planned right down to the soft lighting and soft music playing. We wanted you to come into a peaceful world. Dr. Wall didn't even spank you to get you to cry. His philosophy is, "Babies breath on their own went hey are born. They don't need someone to manhandle them unless something is wrong and they don't breath." I loved that because I didn't want any harsh measures to happen. True to his word when you were born you just started breathing. No crying or fussing. You just looked around knowing you were right where you were supposed to be.

You were such an easy baby. Actually you have been quite an easy child to raise. You were always the one to keep the peace, the one who looked out for others, especially your sister. You were the one people looked up to in your quiet ways of understanding, wise beyond your years. You have been an example to those around you, even a quiet example. Not one to judge others even if you were being judged unfairly. You always kept your head high. Your were also all boy. Fishing, camping, hiking, soccer, bike riding. So many days in the summer you would pack your lunch, gather enough bait to last you the day, take your canteen and head to the river. Fishing, exploring, hunting for crawdads. Always bring home adventure stories to tell us. You didn't even care if you never caught any fish. That is a true fisherman.

As you grew so did your interests. You were so into cars. Your first was an Intergra, next came a Civic SI, then a Probe followed by and Accord. There also was the F-250 long bed, a 50cc, a Dakota Quad Cab, then a GSXR (boy was that thing fast). Now you have your baby. A Magnum SRT-8. What a sweet ride. I had so much fun going with you to Tennessee to pick it up. We had a great time driving that bad boy back. After all your blood sweat and tears to trick it out to its first show it went. The Auto-Rama. Your car looked so amazing glistening under the lights in the show hall. Your car won best of class. But the best part I think was when George Barris asked you if that was your Magnum. HE WAS IMPRESSED! He wanted to take some pictures with you in front of YOUR Magnum SRT-8. What a thrill.

Christian, On this your 24th Birthday I want to tell you how proud we are of you. How much you mean to us. What a journey we have been on together. How grateful we are that God put you in our family. How amazing you are. You my son are a gift. A gift we are so grateful for each and everyday. We are proud of you. YOU ROCK!

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Sarah Carlston said...

Happy Birthday Christian!

Love your most favorite Aunt in the world!