Thursday, August 20, 2009

Day 47

47.....when I wrote day 47 I thought of the Days of 47. It doesn't really seem like that long ago we celebrated that day. Yet it seems like a lifetime ago. A lifetime ago is when I was planning our picnic for the 4th of July with fireworks at the river front. A lifetime ago is when I was talking on the phone to Nicole and she was so excited about riding on the Texas Roadhouse float on the 4th in Sandy and then watching the fireworks with her brother. A lifetime ago is waking to the phone ringing and receiving the news and yet it was just 47 short days ago.

Amazing what can happen in 47 short days. I have gone from crying all the time to now being able to smile at the little things that are being accomplished. I have gone from almost every night a sleepless night to sleeping almost through the night most nights. I have gone from standing vigil at the bedside hours on end to feeling like I can go for a walk and not have anxiety over it. I have gone from wondering if she will take another breath to being breathless from seeing her stand for 10 seconds.

Each day is nothing short of a miracle. Each day is a gift given to us by God. Each day is not taken for granted for this may be the last. Nicole is improving slowly but surely. But she is still not out of danger. So many things can still happen. So many things do happen.

I have walked each night this week. I have seen the fireball in the sky set over the mountains. I have seen deer grazing in a field so close to the road. Last night they were especially close. One was maybe 50 feet from me. They are so beautiful. So graceful. As I watched them I saw how they all look out for one another. A few are eating while one watches. They make noises to each other. Noises that tell the others it is still safe.

Why don't we do that for those around us. Who stands watch to make sure it is safe. Who warns others then it is not. Who is there to watch over others to make sure they all get back to the place of refuge safely. We need to be more like that small herd of deer. We need to look out for each other more. It doesn't take much. All it take is a kind word. A smile. A wave when walking or driving by. Then we know someone cares of we return to safety.

Mostly Nicole has slept again today. i was happy for that. The pain in her left arm and the neuropathy has been so painful for the last couple of days. Nicole's pain meds were changed to see if that would help but now she is zonked most of the time. Well at least the pain is under control.

Yesterday I put on the blog that I was seeing John in a week. Well guess what? His birthday is Saturday. I surprised him with a plane ticket to come here tomorrow! How exciting is that. Well I know I am excited. He is flying in at 10:30am and will be able to stay until Sunday. Celebrate good times, Come on!. Yahoo. I know he is so looking forward to seeing Nicole and she him but I am excited to have him close. I am excited to sleep next to him and wake up with him here. It doesn't get much better than that.


Michelle Mitchell said...

You are so inspirational! I enjoying keeping up with how things are going with Nicole. I hope that your weekend with John is enjoyable. Take care!

Tamalee said...

You and John write the most beautiful things. They always make me cry. Truly write a book with all these entries and more of your life experiences. You touch so many lives each day and constantly serve others and bless others. You have so many stories to tell and so many spiritual experiences so write them down. I'm so blessed to know you. Tell Nicole I love her and I love you too! Hope to see you soon.