Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Day 53

This morning I attended the Bountiful Temple with John's sister, Anne. So nice to be in the Temple today. It was great to be there together and share that time together. Thanks Anne for being with me.

We have spent 53 days in the Burn Unit now. You would think that it would get easier. You would think that we would know what to expect. Nothing is the same from day to day. Oh, the nurses and the aides are the same, there are only 3 doctors so they are the same. But can you imagine the feeling when you walk into your home and it just feels comfortable. The feeling is there. You know your routine. You know how your day usually goes. I would like a little sameness.

Well I guess the sameness comes in the form that Nicole has PT twice a day and Tank everyday. I can think that is positive. I will think positive of the other things that are not the same hoping that one day Nicole will become stable, she will be up-graded and she will heal quickly and get on the road to recovery.

Life will never be the same. We have always thought life is a gift. Everyday we feel blessed to have each other. Each day is its own challenge but what would life be like if there were no challenges...boring. But....Knowing we have health, happiness, our faith, each other, is what we live for.

Nicole's challenges that she has dealt with in the past are nothing like what she will be dealing with in the future. We, as a family, will be changed forever by this. Our faith has been tested and we have passed. We are grateful, in some weird way, for this experience. Some people say nothing can prepare you for things like this. I know that we have been prepared over the years by different things that have happened that gave us experience to handle this. I believe if we all look deep within ourselves we will find the strength to conquer all things. Even this.

Please God, Help us get though another day.

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