Saturday, August 22, 2009

Day 49

John and I slept in. It felt so god to actually be able to sleep. I haven’t slept like that in weeks and weeks.

John hadn’t seen Nicole’s wounds for 3 weeks so he really wanted to be there today for wound care. He was amazed at how she was coming along. It is hard to be here each day and gage how it is coming. I t was so nice to see it from his prospective. He really thought things were coming along really good. Her left arm is still not healing as well as they want and there are a few more areas not taking. Probably from the infections but upper body is healing quite nicely.

During PT today Nicole stood again and actually took a few steps. HOORAY! She was so pleased with herself. We were not here yet to see that event but maybe they will have her try again tomorrow and we will be here to see it.

Uncle Jerry and Aunt Sandy came from Montana to see Nicole today. I was glad they were able to come. Sandy was in a car accident last year as she hit a deer. It put her in a coma for over a month and did quite to job on her body. She has had a difficult time recovering although she has great faith in God and He will help her though. Today during PT Nicole was struggling with the pain and Sandy was cheering her on reminding her that God is there with her. Nicole has great faith. I know she was pleased that Sandy said that to her. Jerry brought her a turtle balloon. So cute.

Sue, John’s cousin, was in Salt Lake City from California. It was so good to see her. We haven’t seen her in about 5 years. She stopped by and brought Nicole some cheery green balloons. Green is Nicole’s favorite color. She loves them. Nicole really loves all the balloons. She says she loves them because they dance in the air like she wishes she could dance.
Nicole is sleeping quite a bit again today.

John and I are going to dinner at Five Alls for his birthday. We are excited to go there as we haven’t been in several years. Next entry will tell you all about it.

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