Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Day 31

Yesterday Christian went lake surfing at Jordonelle. Have you ever heard of such a thing? It is where you are inches away from the back of the boat standing on a surf board holding onto the rope. The boat takes off and you drop the rope. The boat is going like 15 miles an hour. It creates a big wake right behind the boat. That wake carries the rider behind the boat without holding on. Christian had a blast. I was so happy he went. It really helped get his mind off of things. Thanks Tracy.

I guess I am getting used to the noises going on in the unit at night. Each night it is getting a little better where sleep is easier to come by. At least I am not waking up every 30 minutes when the nurses come in for something. Nicole's nurse told me this morning that everytime they came in to her room she wanted to know where I was.

Nicole is still fighting the infections. It is really taking a toll on her stamina. So sleepy, yawn! I love to watch her sleep. She looks so peaceful most of the time. Sometimes her brow furrows, sometimes she frowns. I wonder what she is dreaming about. I hope it is nice. I hope it's a flying dream. She loves flying dreams. I think that she likes them so much is because she is free.

Ashley came today and brought Nicole some new books to be read to her. One book she brought was the story of Tikki Tikki Tembo which is very close to Nikki Nikki Timbo. The stories are similar. It is so awesome that she would go to the trouble to find a book like that. It even has a cd that reads the story to you. We are going to read it tonight. Thanks, Ash.

The unit is so accommodating. They brought me scrubs to sleep in tonight. "Better than sleeping in your clothes". YES it is better than sleeping in my clothes. I am sure John is laughing when he reads this because I love wearing scrubs so much I always say it is like working in my pajamas every day. So comfy and I feel right at home.


Tammy Cocannouer said...

Angi & John,
Please let us know what we can do for you here in Wichita. Let Nicole know that I do know (in a small way) what she is going thru with the pain. I was burned by the water from a pressure canner 2 years ago and received severe 2nd degree and some borderline 3rd degree burns on my stomach, legs and tops of my feet. My healing is a mircle in that I now have only very minimal skin discoloration. During this time my favorite song was the hymn "How Firm a Foundation". It just kept going through my mind when I was laid up. Let me know what type of books she likes so I can send her a couple.

Moon Friend said...

You're welcome :)

4kelligirl said...

Bless you, Angi, for sleeping all night at the hospital. Is it because you don't want to leave Nicole? or is it because John is not there?...probably a little of both. Tell Nicole that I give the little bunny she gave me, to keep me company, a warm hug every morning and night and say a special prayer for her. I always include you, Angi, John and Christian as well. I love you all so much!

John said...

Thank you for these updates. BTW, it made me nervous to hear that Christian was wake surfing. I had a friend in High School that was doing that and he passed out from carbon monoxide poisoning and drowned.