Monday, August 17, 2009

Day 44

I am apologizing in advance. This post is going to be short.

Nicole for the most part has had a pretty good day. She has had a fever on and off for two days. Today during dressing change Dr. Saffel said her donor sites look good as well as her abdomen although her left arm is infected. We are hoping she doesn't loose the graph.

Nicole had the swallow test today. They fished a camera through her nose to her throat to watch her swallow. She was so excited as she was sure she would be able to start eating. Well she first swallowed ice. That went well. Next came water. Pretty good too. Then the applesauce....Right into her lungs. NNNOOOO!

Well that was a bust. They will come back in 4 days to try again. Nicole is sad. I am sure she wants to taste things again. Well time will tell.

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