Sunday, August 9, 2009

Day 35

Today dawned beautiful. I got up early in anticipation of Christian's birthday. Each year we always wake the birthday person up singing Happy Birthday. It was quite early when I got up and too early to wake Christian up so I got dressed and ran a few errands. I went to Costco to pick up his birthday cake. Vanilla and vanilla cheesecake filling. Yummo! Then I went to Smith's the get birthday balloons. I choose a huge one that played music. "Celebration". So cute. to go along with that ballon I choose 3 stars in different colors and a Happy Birthday balloon with balloons on it. Before I got back hom Christian had already woke up. I called John so I could put him on speaker and we sang to Christian anyway. It was great.

Christian spent part of his birthday in the burn unit with Nicole. I was glad he choose to do that. Nicole mouthed Happy Birthday to Christian. It was hard but I know that he really appreciated it. After Christian left I spend the rest of the afternoon with Nicole.

The grafts on her trunk are looking much better. The covering has all come off and the graphs are pinking up. Nicole's right arm is looking great and during the day all she needs is a pressure bandage. at night she is still wearing the hand and arm splints to make sure the skin doesn't contract too much. I think she is making strides in this area. Neoropathy still continues in her left leg and foot. They have ordered her a new splint to help that out.

Good news....The lung infection has finally responded to antibiotics. Her lungs are clearing. We are so grateful. The MRSA on her chin and neck is looking better but around her trach is still about the same.

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