Monday, August 10, 2009

Day 37

I can't believe how blessed I am.

When I came to the burn unit today Nicole summoned me to her bedside first thing. As I got closer she motioned for me to come close to her face. When I got within inches she said, "I LOVE YOU!" I couldn't believe it. It was very quiet but the sound was there. I called John right away and she said it to him also but all he heard was breath. WOW! Amazing! I was so excited.

When Nicole went to the tank room I was able to get a look at her wounds. Many sights look really great. A few graph sites have not taken but that can be rectified. The only site that is finished right now is her right arm and hand. It looks so good. It is actually so good that it already has pressure bandage on it and not any bandages.

Nicole also went to the Physical Therapy room today instead of having therapy in her room. It is better for her because she has to sit up for all of it so it will help her lungs out immensely. She started by having he hands on triangles that are connected to a pulley system. As each arm is pulled down the other one goes up and stretches. Up and down go her arms. Slowly but in rhythm. Next she gets her elbows, wrists and fingers stretched. That is all for today. We saw someone else in there that was learning dexterity. He was putting pegs in holes. I guess that will be something we will be looking forward to.

P.T. exhausts us both. Nicole sleeps for the rest of the day. I probably would also given the chance.

The Lord has greatly blessed my life. He is watching over us each day. He is sending others to help John and to buoy him up and comfort him as we are apart. Thank you to those who are there for him. There is something to be said of service. Not only does it help the person receiving it but it also helps the person giving it. Both are being blessed.

Tonight I went to my sister-in-law Anne's home. She is so busy getting ready for a child moving away to school and a child moving back to Utah as well as two new grandchildren and heading up our family reunion, etc, etc, etc. I wanted to help her out today by finalizing the count and money and getting it onto a spread sheet. It didn't take a lot of time but it was one less money on her back since she is so busy. I was grateful that I could give that service to her and in return my headache that I had had all day vanished. Thanks Anne for the love you show me.

Sleep cannot come soon enough. I hope I can rest well.

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Moon Friend said...

Hooray!That is SOO exciting that she did that for you!! What a great surprise :)