Thursday, August 13, 2009

Day 40

It was a long night. Not much sleep was had by myself or Nicole. It brought back memories of her having the flu once when she was small. Vomiting all night. Neither one of us getting much sleep. Snuggling on the couch together so I could be close to her and not disturb John's sleep.

Nicole's fever has quieted down this morning. Now she is struggling the other way. Her temp is 94.6. She is piled on with warm blankets. I really need to invest in a blanket warmer. I would love it.

Nicole had PT this morning knowing she was going to go to surgery this afternoon. PT is so painful. I can't imagine anything else that could be as painful. The stretching, lifting limbs, being pulled and prodded this way and that. I know it is for her own good but when I see her cry I just want to hold her. I brush away the tears just in time for a fresh set to occur. Just when I think they are about done PT starts somewhere else and so do the tears. I find myself tearing up with her. She mouths, "Don't cry mommy, I will be stronger". That just bring on the water works.

Surgery is always longer than expected and when we are the ones waiting it seems to take forever. Today is not exception. Although her nurses came in and cleaned her room while she is out and hearing them talk back and forth is funny.

I am always so glad to see the surgeon come back to the unit. It means surgery is over. Dr. Morris and I have a talk about what was done in surgery. Covered all of left arm. That was a big job. Covered what was left of Nicole's abdomen. That will be a great relief for Nicole since a lot of the tissue wasn't covered there which causes more pain.

Dr. Morris also took out Nicole's trach. We knew this might happen. She come the out O.R. on oxygen and when the nurses tried to discontinue it her blood sat went way down. Nicole can talk in tiny whispers. They will be encouraging her speaking but it does wear her out.

Even though the surgery went well Nicole is in more pain today then I think she has exhibited since this happened. I think because she is not on any editional sedation at all now. She got out of surgery at about 4pm and the pain was so intense for her that she couldn't sleep. She kept being asked to be turned from side to side. She just couldn't get comfy. I don't blamed her. If I had no skin on my back I would be miserable too.

Christian came to take me to Dinner. It was at the cafeteria but that is great by me.

We called for a blessing for Nicole. A man came about 10 pm. So nice. He was facing his own tragedy (his son was shot) and yet he choose to serve us. I hope his son is alright. Soon after Nicole falls asleep. It is so nice to see her calm and restful.

I take this as my leave also. I may need to return to the hospital so I better get some winks. Sorry the internet was down. I hope these two posts made up for it. I hope I get 40 winks. 20 would even be good.

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Sandra McMillin said...

Get some shut eye girl, I worry about you. What a whirl wind you are in, I wish I could make it all better for you. Hang in there...big big hugs